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Not kissed

Not kissed

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Not kissed is the sixth episode of the second season of Glee.

Some of the Glee Kids introduce themselves to Coach Beiste when they are under pressure to deal with their partner, which leads to some misunderstandings. David Karofsky's bullying attacks against Kurt are getting worse. Since he is once again not allowed to sing along to the girls' mash-up and because of a line from Puck, who was released from prison, Kurt drives to the Dalton Academy, the Glee Club there becomes one of the opponents of the New Directions at the Sectionals be. There he meets Blaine Anderson, who can understand his problems because he felt exactly the same before he switched to Dalton Academy, and he advises Kurt that he should be braver. Puck helps Artie, explaining it's his community service, and they go on a date with Santana and Brittany. When Beiste finds out what the Glee Kids think of her, she is injured and quits school. It turns out that Puck has to find another charitable service to keep him from going to the detention center, and he eventually admits to Artie that it was just horrible there. Kurt takes Blaine's advice and yells at Karofsky after he was bumped into him again. Karofsky kisses Kurt, who reacts very confused and gets help from Blaine. Will approaches Beiste and after the Glee Kids apologized to her, she decides to stay at the school.


Finn and Sam have a problem making out with their friends, but it never gets further than a few kisses. Finn reveals his secret to Sam to "stay cool": Finn just thinks a

n the opposite, anything that isn't hot (Finn's crash with the postman during his first attempts at driving). By chance, Sam observes an unsexy scene with Shannon Beiste. He has found his turn-off and will use it the next time with Quinn, but gossips and accidentally mumbles "Beiste". Quinn is shocked and goes to Sue for help. Quinn, who has turned to Sue in her fear of losing Sam, gets the advice to publicly tell Sam about the "Beiste" matter and thus publicly humiliate Coach Beiste. Sue hopes that she will get rid of Beiste this way.

After Puck is back from jail, he makes a big macho. He ruled the whole prison. Will introduces the New Directions opponents to the Sectionals: the Hipsters and the Dalton Academy Warblers. To encourage his students to be more productive, Mr. Schue wants to run a mash-up competition between boys and girls again. But when Kurt wants to go to the girls, Will immediately orders him back to the boys. Kurt reluctantly complies, but doesn't feel at home at all.

This is also because the terror caused by David Karofsky is getting worse and worse. Brutal jostling actions against the lockers are planned several times a day by Karofsky and he also verbally intimidates Kurt. A small attempt by Kurt to rebel against Dave is thwarted by Dave. Dave is not impressed and threatens Kurt. Shortly after Dave leaves, Mr. Schue shows up and sees the frightened Kurt. In a two-way conversation, he tries to help Kurt, but Kurt blocks. There is nothing you can help him with and basically everyone would just talk about trying to help him and in the end everything stays the same. Kurt is also angry that Mr. Schue always talks about acceptance of others, but also insists on the typical "male image" and "female image" in the current competition. Kurt makes it clear to Mr. Schue that he doesn't need any help and prefers individual comics

horse wants to stay.

Mike tells Tina about how Finn and Sam manage to stay cool while making out with their friends. Tina then pulls Mike into a room to get him his own "Beiste picture", but she herself introduces herself to Coach Beiste as unsexy and says her name. Mike is confused and Tina escapes.

Quinn publicly and loudly confronts Sam about the "Beiste thing". Sam swears that he is not cheating on her and that she is just imagining it. Beiste heard this by chance, but Quinn only made hints. Mike comes in and tells Coach Beiste to stay away from Tina. Quinn and Mike disappear, leaving Sam and Beiste behind, as well as Will, who happened to overhear everything. After Beiste leaves, confused, Will asks Sam what's going on.

Sam and Mike tell Mister Schue what the Beiste thing is about. Will is terribly disappointed and urges the boys to stop immediately. Even if you may not be aware of it, you are hurting Coach Beiste. He makes a decision with the boys to spare Beiste the pain that she never finds out about it.

Meanwhile, Kurt's speech made Will think and he actually changes something in the competition: the boys should sing songs that are traditionally sung by women, the girls songs that are otherwise sung by boys. Kurt is in his element and is sure to convince the other guys with his ideas - but the opposite happens. The boys behave in an absolutely dismissive and unfair manner towards him and send him off to spy at the opposing school, Dalton Academy, because, according to Puck, Kurt "fits in perfectly" (Santana had previously made a derogatory joke about the Dalton: "Me Hundreds of gay jokes come to mind ". She gave Kurt a contemptuous look.) Kurt pulls out angry, but above all hurt.

During a break, Puck grabs Artie and tells him that Artie is his "social project" so that e

You don't have to go back to jail. In return, he promises Artie nothing more to do to him. Artie is still a little skeptical, but accepts this. During the lunch break, Puck shows Artie "his world" and how he gets his lunch (he sings in front of the students and, while he sings or plays the guitar, sometimes secretly picks up something) and Artie sings with him One Love (People Get Ready). After the song, Brittany shows up with Santana. Puck convinces Artie to use the donated money from the students to go on a double date with Brittany and Santana. Puck says this will give Artie back Brittany. Artie, after a moment's hesitation, accepts. Kurt has meanwhile arrived at the Dalton Academy. As he goes down the great flight of stairs, heaps of students rush past him. Everyone seems happy, cheerful and exuberant. He stops a student who introduces himself as Blaine. In response to Kurt's questions, and on the pretext that he was new, Blaine tells him that the Warblers are giving an impromptu performance. Kurt is confused and learns from Blaine that the Warblers are rock stars at the school. He takes Kurt's hand and takes him to the lounge via a shortcut. While Kurt runs down the hallways to the lounge with Blaine, he is

excited about what he sees of Dalton. However, Kurt is uncomfortable with all the other guys. He thinks he stands out too much. Blaine calms him down and apologizes for a moment, then starts with a few other students Teenage Dream to sing. Blaine is the lead singer for the Warblers, and Kurt realizes pretty quickly why: Blaine's voice is breathtaking! Kurt is also very fond of the singer and smiles when Blaine flirts with him during the song. Kurt sees that all the students like the performance. Everyone likes the glee club there. A whole new world opens up for Kurt.

After the performance, however, Blaine, David and Wes (two Warblers members, friends of Blaine and also a student of Dalton) reveal to him that they know that Kurt is a spy. Contrary to Kurt's assumption, they don't want to beat him up, but instead invite him over for coffee. Kurt asks if everyone here is gay and Blaine tells him he's gay but David and Wes aren't. At the school, however, there is a "tolerance policy": everyone is accepted as they are. When Blaine realizes that Kurt is struggling with something, he asks Wes and David to leave. Alone with Blaine, Kurt tells Blaine what he's going through at his school. Blaine tells him he used to go through the same thing at his old school. He ran away back then and switched to Dalton. In his opinion Kurt only has two options: run away and switch to the Dalton, which is not possible for many because of the high school fees, or he faces whoever kills him. Kurt returns to McKinley, unsure of what to do, but stays in touch with Blaine.

Meanwhile, the girls are preparing for the competition and Rachel has taken the lead. Artie and Puck appear surprisingly. The two piss off Brittany and Santana and the girls ask them if they want to go out to eat with them. Artie and Puck only accept indirectly and then withdraw. Artie is impressed. Mercedes, Quinn, Rachel, and Tina cannot fully understand Brittany and Santana's behavior.

Meanwhile, Shannon asks Will what's going on. Will squirms and doesn't want to tell her, but Beiste appeals to their friendship as she says that Will is the only one she trusts and manages to persuade Will. It is obviously difficult for him to tell Beiste the truth. Beiste is visibly hurt and, against Will's request, takes it very personally. She walks injured. Will remains at a loss.

Artie and Puck meet Brittany and Santana for dinner at the Breadstix. Puck is macho and tells how he had the prison under his control. The other three are impressed. Brittanys makes her first advances again, but Artie keeps making fun. Finally, Puck suddenly wants to leave without paying the bill. Artie feels guilty, after all, the waitress was great

nice and secretly pays the bill. But Puck notices this. He doesn't understand Artie and leaves him alone while he drives away with Brittany and Santana. Artie realizes that Puck's world is not his world.

The girls rock as cool rocker brides at the next Glee rehearsal Start Me Up / Livin 'On a Prayer the stage. During the performance, Kurt receives a text message from Blaine that consists of just one word: "Courage". Kurt is now sure what to do.

After the girls' appearance, Sue orders Will into the auditorium, where she shows him her new confetti cannon, as she now has her budget back in full. Will is confused. Sue tells him that Beiste submitted her resignation - all because of the New Directions kids. Sue walks away triumphant. Will remains in shock.

Kurt walks down the hallways smiling after the performance and reads Blaine's text messages over and over again. Karofsky pushes him extremely brutally against the lockers. Kurt wants to be silent for a moment as usual, but thinks about Blaine's text message and runs after Karofsky. He puts it in the boys' locker room. While Karofsky makes derogatory jokes about him, this time Kurt doesn't let himself be intimidated by him and clearly tells him his opinion. Dave becomes increasingly angry and threatens Kurt, but Kurt remains unimpressed: Karofsky cannot beat the gay out of him. He won't change because of Dave. Kurt also counters that Karofsky doesn't need to be "afraid" at all, since he's not Kurt's type and Dave is basically just a small, scared boy. Before Kurt can continue, Dave takes Kurt's face and kisses him. When he breaks away from Kurt after a few seconds, Kurt has frozen into a pillar of salt and is totally shocked. Dave wants to kiss him a second time, but Kurt pushes him away and backs away in fear and horror. Karofsky leaves the locker room angry and upset. Kurt is left alone: ​​agitated, dissolved and horrified.

At New Directions, meanwhile, one problem follows the next. Will gives the kids a lecture. However, the girls (except Tina) and Kurt have no idea what this is about. Finn tells everyone that Coach Beiste's idea of ​​making out is better than a cold shower. But as soon as it is out, Rector Figgins appears and orders Puck and Will into his office. Puck's social worker is already waiting for him in the office and tells him that his time with Artie is not seen as a social project. If he does not find another job by the next day, he will go back to prison. Puck freaks out and runs away.

Meanwhile, Blaine shows up at Kurt's house. Kurt has asked him to help him when he tries to confront Karofsky with the kiss. Blaine persuaded Kurt to talk best. When Dave shows up, he makes derogatory comments about Blaine and Kurt and asks Kurt if Blaine is his friend. Blaine is unimpressed and confronts Dave. He pretends to be clueless, but when Blaine makes it clear to him that he knows about the kiss and that Dave's confusion is normal, Karofsky realizes that he can't suppress it. But instead of talking, he gets angry, pushes Blaine against the nearest wall and threatens to hit him. Blaine raises his arms defensively and Kurt pushes Dave away from Blaine. Dave escapes and Blaine frowns after him and says that he will probably postpone his coming out. However, Kurt is anything but happy and sits down sadly on the steps. Blaine asks and learns from Kurt that he hadn't kissed Dave until he kissed Dave (the Brittany thing in Good reputation does not count for him). Blaine understands Kurt and wants to give him other thoughts. He takes Kurt out for lunch and Kurt follows him.

Meanwhile, Will watches Shannon while she is packing her things and wants her to stay

talk. Beiste tells him that she is tired of being perceived only as a man-woman - deep in her heart she is still a woman, a girl. Will is sure that she is just imagining it and that the men are queuing up for her, but Beiste tells him that she has still not been kissed. Will comforts her and is certain that one day she will find the right one. Then he kisses Beiste. After the kiss, he makes her promise that she will come to the Glee Club the next day - the boys want to apologize personally. The two hug and Beiste agrees.

Artie sees Puck skipping an hour and packing up his things. He asks what's going on and Puck tells him about his possible next stay in prison, so he has to pick up rubbish for six weeks, which he doesn't like very much. Artie is puzzled, after all, Puck said he loved prison. Puck then tells him that he lied: the stay in prison was pure hell for him, as the other boys there were much tougher than him and bullied him all the time. Artie then offers him help: he helps Puck at school and for this Puck collects garbage as a social worker. Also, Puck will hang out with Artie a bit so he won't be under such bad influence from others. Puck accepts this.

Kurt is at his locker during the break and smiles at his locker door: he made the word "Courage" out of newspaper and magazine letters and a framed picture of Blaine is now hanging on his locker door. Kurt smiles at the picture as Dave pushes him. The corridor is full and many students notice this, but nobody cares. Kurt notices that again. He remains injured and sad on the floor.

The boys finally apologize to Coach Beiste by dedicating the weekly task to her. They hope the song will make them smile as that is how she looks the most beautiful. They also assure her that they now understand that they have hurt her. Even though Kurt has nothing to do with the matter, he still sings along Stop! In the Name of Love / Free Your Mind With. Coach Beiste forgives them and the boys hug them.

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  • The episode was viewed by 10.66 million viewers in the US.
  • Heather Morris stated that Start Me Up / Livin 'On a Prayer doing her favorite performance was because she could wear leather, which was always a dream of hers.
  • Dot-Marie Jones said she was quite shy while kissing Matthew Morrison.
  • The episode was included in their 2011 list of 25 Best TV Episodes by Ology.com.
  • In a deleted scene, Emma appears and sees Will kiss Beiste.
  • As Kurt during Start Me Up / Livin 'On a Prayer By looking at his cell phone, you can see that he has 124 unread messages. That's because in real life, the iPhone belongs to its actor, Chris Colfer.
  • The number Blaine's text message came from belongs to Darren Criss. He and Chris exchanged numbers before filming and Chris just saved Darrens as "Blaine". After filming, however, he forgot to change the name to "Darren" and wondered why someone would call Blaine even though he doesn't know anyone.At some point he remembered the name swap again.
  • A mash-up / mash-up competition was involved in every sixth episode. In the fourth season the trend was broken because in Glease there was no mash-up and the competition did not take place until the 15th episode. In the fifth there was in Movin 'out also no mash-up and the competition was not held at all.
  • Reached after the episode aired Teenage Dream # 1 on the iTunes download charts and remains the series' most successful published song. The cover won several awards and, among other things, pushed a Beatles song from number 1 on the Billboard charts.
    • It was only through the great success of the song and the fact that many fans liked Blaine that it was decided that Darren Criss would appear more often and become an integral part of the show and not, as originally planned, only appear for two or three episodes.
  • Originally there were other mash-ups with other soloists. source
  • The lounge in the Dalton just seems so big. In reality, several sets were built to record the various camera setups, as the real room would simply have been too small for so many students.
  • A funny detail: there is a watch on the fly of Kurt's first outfit and if you look more closely, you can see that it is even working!
  • During the conversation between Kurt and Mr. Schuester, Chris' deep circles under the eyes were made up.


  • When Kurt goes to the Dalton, he wears black pants, a black jacket and a red tie. When he talks to Blaine, David and Wes, he wears a patterned shirt with a matching tie and a black waistcoat. Furthermore, his hairstyle has changed.