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Set Amazon Prime age rating: You have to pay attention to that

The selection for children on Amazon Prime is huge and colorful. But under the diverse streaming offer, the little ones should not get lost on various content that is not suitable for minors. With a parental control you can set video content on the connected devices - we explain how you can Amazon Prime age rating can activate.

This is how you set up the Amazon Prime age rating correctly

  1. Open the Amazon page and log in as usual.
  2. Move your mouse over "My Account" in the top right corner and click on "My Prime Video".
  3. In the new window you go to "Settings" in the upper right corner.
  4. In the menu bar you choose "Playback Restrictions". Now you can manage the age rating for Amazon Prime.

Activates the purchase restriction for purchases

Before you can use the parental controls and purchase restrictions on Amazon Prime, you have to set up a PIN. Then you should turn on the purchase restriction by clicking "On" under "Purchase PIN". This means that you will first be asked for the PIN for Prime films and series that have to be purchased. Your children can no longer accidentally buy films and series.

Set the age rating restriction on Amazon Prime

To protect your children from adult content, you can block the playback of Prime Videos from certain age groups. Amazon Prime uses FSK ratings as the basis for the age rating settings. In order for FSK18 titles to be viewed at all, you must first confirm that you are of legal age on Amazon Prime. And even then, playback of FSK18 videos always requires you to enter your PIN.

To make your Prime account child-proof, you can set the playback restrictions up to what age your children can watch films and series without entering a PIN. To do this, click on the respective FSK age and specify below for which devices this setting should be used. Then you just have to save everything and the age rating for Amazon Prime is complete.

Conclusion: Don't forget to set the age rating for your children on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is supposed to be fun for the whole family, but that doesn't mean you can't childproof your Prime account. Use the Amazon Prime age rating and protect your little ones from adult content. If you prefer to stream series and films on Netflix, you should activate the parental controls there as well. Children don't stop at smartphones either: after all, iPhone parental controls and Android parental controls don't activate themselves.