What do you mean by external environment

Using Sonos One in an external, unknown environment (party location)


Best answer from bllaxx10 May 2019, 15:14

Hello everybody,

wanted to give you a short feedback, the party took place and the discussed SONOS solution worked perfectly:

Preparation beforehand in the restaurant:

1. Hotspot established with iPhone

2. iPad connected to hotspot

3. Via the iPad with the SONOS app, the two Sonos One are successively integrated into the hotspot network and configured as a stereo pair (previously factory reset)

4. all devices transported back home (Sonos boxes no longer in operation)

5. Party playlist (just to be on the safe side) downloaded completely to Spotify on iPad (so that I don't have to rely on a good mobile network connection)

on the day of the party:

1. Setup set up again, order: hotspot, iPad connected, then SONOS boxes connected to power

2. Boxes were immediately recognized by Spotify and the party was able to run smoothly for about 8 hours

3. At the end of the party there were still some music requests that were not in the playlist, so they had to be streamed over the mobile network (Telekom LTE), which also worked well

There were about 50 people in the room, most of them with active cell phones. There were no disturbances, as briefly discussed above, fortunately this had no effect!
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