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Terms of use and general terms and conditions

Version 2.1 | As of 02/01/2021

  1. scope
  2. Choice of law, place of performance and place of jurisdiction
  3. Conditions of participation and conclusion of contract
  4. Scope of services
  5. Use restriction
  6. termination
  7. Money deposits and withdrawals
  8. Winning conditions, stakes, no credit
  9. Responsible gaming, limits and bans
  10. Account verification
  11. other agreements

OnlineCasino Deutschland AG (operator) is the operator of the internet platforms onlinecasino.de, slotilda.de, rizkcasino.de and lilapaloma-sh.de (internet platform) and the games of chance offered there with the possibility of winning (games).

1 scope

1.1 These general terms and conditions (GTC) of the operator apply to all contracts concluded between the operator and the user of this Internet platform and the content and services (players) offered there.

1.1.1 The terms and conditions also include the content that the operator and the player create, make available and / or send in connection with this Internet platform.

1.1.2 The terms and conditions also include the modalities for depositing and withdrawing amounts of money by the player and the operator as well as the granting of discounts for first-time players.

1.2 The operator reserves the right to change these terms and conditions. The player will be informed of changes to these terms and conditions in good time before they come into force. If the player does not object within two weeks of receipt of the notification of change in which the operator informs the player of the consequences of not objecting, the changed terms and conditions are deemed to have been approved. If the player does not accept the changed terms and conditions, the operator has a special right of termination, which the operator can exercise within two months of the player's objection.

1.3 The operator does not recognize any terms and conditions of the user that contradict or deviate from these GTC, unless they have expressly agreed to their validity in writing.

2 Choice of law, place of performance and place of jurisdiction

2.1 The rights and obligations of the contracting parties are governed exclusively by the law applicable in the Federal Republic of Germany.

2.2 Players may only be natural persons (BGB §1)

3 Conditions of participation and conclusion of contract

3.1 A contract is concluded between the parties when the player registers on the internet platform and uses the content and services offered.

3.2 Each player may only register once on this internet platform. The uniqueness of the e-mail address and the address of the player apply.

Players who open multiple game accounts (e.g. to receive multiple bonuses) will be blocked. Any winnings and bonuses will be retained by the operator.

3.3 When registering for and using the games on the Internet platform, the player must act in his own name and for his own account.

3.4 The player is obliged to provide all information on the registration and use of the operator's internet platform properly, in particular truthfully and completely.

3.5 Participation in games may only be carried out by players at whose place of residence the implementation of online games of chance with opportunities to win is permitted according to the legal situation applicable there. Participation in online games of chance is prohibited where the current legal situation does not allow online games of chance with the possibility of winning. In these cases it is illegal gambling. For all federal states, with the exception of Schleswig-Holstein, there is currently no license for online gaming. Participation in gambling is prohibited for players residing in these federal states. Players who participate in online gambling from these federal states engage in illegal gambling.

3.6 Participation in the games is only permitted for players who have reached the age of 18 or the minimum age required by the applicable legal situation at the player's place of residence.

3.7 The operator can restrict the access of certain players to certain services and content or attach additional conditions. A player is not entitled to participate in games.

3.8 All deposits and withdrawals may only be made for the purpose of participating in the games and may not violate statutory provisions (e.g. money laundering; concealment of unlawfully obtained assets, etc.).

3.9 If the player transfers files, texts, etc. to the operator's internet platform, he grants the operator a free right of use. The player guarantees that no third party copyrights are violated by the files, texts or similar transferred.

3.10 The operator has the right to exclude a player from participation in the event of abuse.

3.11 The operator reserves the right, at its own discretion, to discontinue, modify, remove and / or add any services with immediate effect and without prior notice. The operator is not liable for such actions.

4 Scope of Services

4.1 The scope of the individual services owed by the operator results from the respective offer and these contractual conditions.

4.2 The services and content offered on the Internet platform are made available to an appropriate and reasonable extent based on the current state of the art.

4.3 The operator does not assume any liability for constant availability, fault-free functioning of the services and content or correctness of the information on the Internet platform. This applies in particular to technical internet facilities regardless of the operator's internet platform.

4.4 The player bears sole responsibility for the technical device used to access the Internet and for the use of the operator's Internet platform.

5 Restriction of Use

5.1 It is forbidden to use computer programs (so-called robots or bots) to participate in games, replace the necessary actions of the player, create profiles of the games or other players on the internet platform or play the games on the internet platform of the operator in any form ( especially for the purpose of fraud) without permission. OnlineCasino Deutschland is legally obliged to report any violation to the supervisory authority, stating the user account and player data, and to block the player account immediately.

5.2 In addition, it is prohibited to convert the program used by the operator from machine language back into readable source code (decompile) or to reconstruct it (reverse engineering).

5.3 Players on the Internet platform may not interact with other players.

5.4 Players may not allow themselves to be replaced by others, in particular not by several people.

5.5 The player must not cause any malfunctions or disruptions to the Internet platform and the normal course of a game must not be influenced in an illegal manner.

5.6 The operator is not liable for economic disadvantages of the player that occur within the framework of a connected online gaming network in which users from different end customer providers can play against each other or compete jointly for connected jackpots.

6 termination

6.1 Both contracting parties can terminate the contract at any time with immediate effect and without giving reasons.

6.2 Irrespective of a termination, the operator has the right to exclude a player from further participation in games.

7 Cash deposits and withdrawals

The processing of payments with payment systems that do not allow identification and authentication of the players based on ID is not permitted. Payments in the form of bank transfer (bank transfer, instant transfer), ELV (electronic direct debit - only after separate approval by the operator) and with credit cards (VISA, MasterCard) via the payment service providers are permitted. The prerequisite is that both deposits and withdrawals are possible with the same payment service provider. The rule is that the account holder is also the account holder and that both deposits and withdrawals are made to the same account.

7.1 All deposit transactions are automatically checked in accordance with the strict money laundering laws. Only after a successful check without any complaints will the credit be credited to the player's account. This check is usually completed within a few minutes, but please note that there may be delays in deposits between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

7.2 The amounts of money paid by the player to the operator are credited to the operator's player account.

7.3 The player account consists of the areas 'available credit' and 'reservations'. The 'Reservations' area contains the amounts that have already been used (stakes, withdrawal requests, etc.) and are no longer available to the player. The 'available credit' area contains the amounts available to the player for participation in games.

7.4 Cash deposits can be increased or replaced in accordance with the following conditions for promotions or bonuses.

7.5 The player can request the payment of his available credit from the operator at any time in accordance with the present agreements, provided that this has been fully verified.

7.6 Before a withdrawal is made, all existing bonus amounts are deducted from the player's account. This also applies to winnings achieved through games that are excluded from conversion.

7.7 Payouts of winnings resulting from a free bonus are limited to € 100, unless something else applies to a promotion (see 8. Conditions for promotions).

7.8 The requested payout will be carried out using the same payment method as the player's deposit.

7.9 If the payment method used by the player to deposit does not accept chargebacks or does not work for any reason, the requested withdrawals will be transferred (if permitted by law) via the payment method specified by the player in their request letter. After being requested to do so, the player must immediately notify the desired payment method (if legally permissible). Payouts to non-chargeback credit cards are made by bank transfer. The player bears the transaction costs for this.

7.10 The maximum amount that can be paid out is € 2,000 per day, unless something else applies to a promotion (see promotion conditions). If a higher amount is requested for payment, this is subject to a special check.

7.11 The operator reserves a processing time of up to three working days for a payout from the time all documents and information required for the payout are available.

7.12 A deposit can be revoked by the player, provided that no wagers have been made after the deposit. If a deposit made from a credit card is revoked, this must be done within twelve hours of the deposit.

8 Conditions of Winning, Stakes, Ban on Loans

8.1 All stakes, winnings and the current balance of a player are displayed in euros.

8.2 The stakes made by the player in a game are deducted from the available credit in the player's account.

8.3 The winnings achieved by the player in a game will be credited to the player's account after the end of the game.

8.4 The operator reserves the right to revoke winnings and bonus payments if the amount deposited has been canceled or booked back.

8.5 The ban on credit is observed. The operator is prohibited from granting credit for the purpose of playing games or having it granted by an agent. Neither does the operator allow third parties in his company to grant such loans on a commercial basis.

9 Responsible Gaming, Limits and Bans

9.1 The operator has developed a social concept that should help you to deal responsibly with the subject of gambling addiction in case of doubt. You can find details on this on the operator's website under the heading “Player protection - responsible gaming on onlinecasino.de”.

9.2 The operator carries out an automatic reality check every hour. This pauses the game after a 60-minute interval and shows the player how long he has been playing and what profits and losses he has made during this period. At the same time, the player has to declare that he has taken note of this information, while at the same time giving him the opportunity to end the game or to return to the game.

9.3 It is also possible for the player to block the user account for a certain period of time or for an indefinite period. For this purpose, the operator provides the player with a function that enables him to request a short break in play, a temporary or a permanent ban on games. A short break in play (cooling down time) lasts 24 hours, a temporary suspension lasts at least one month; both lead to the deactivation of the player account. A permanent suspension leads to the closure of the player's account; in this case, a new registration can be considered at the earliest one year after the player account has been closed.

9.4 The operator offers the user the following options for limiting his game:

  • Limiting the duration of a game session
  • Limitation of use in a certain period of time
  • Limitation of the loss in a certain period of time
  • Limitation of the sum of deposits in a certain period
The establishment of a limit or the player's request for a stricter limit take effect immediately after they have been set. If the player has applied for a limit and the operator has set it up and the player then applies for the limit to be removed or increased, this only comes into effect after 2 days have elapsed. During this period you can consider whether an increase in your deposit limit is suitable for you and whether it is an option. Once the payment limit has been reduced, an increase cannot be requested before one month has elapsed.

9.5 The operator provides the player with a function that enables him to be included in a comprehensive lock file.

9.6 The operator provides the player with a function that enables him to automatically credit winnings over a certain amount to the player's account.

10 Account Verification

The operator reserves the right to check the player's identity at any time and for various reasons (e.g. payment services, protection of minors, fraud prevention). The player will then be asked to prove his identity with a copy of his official and valid identity card or passport. In addition to the copy of one of the above-mentioned identification documents, the player can be asked to present a copy of the following documents in order to further verify his identity:

  • Bank confirmation,
  • Utility bill (telephone - not mobile phone, electricity, gas) that is not older than two months.

11 Other agreements

11.1 These contractual conditions remain binding in their remaining parts even if one or more provisions are ineffective.

11.2 The operator has the right to change the general terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. With every change the previous conditions lose their validity immediately. By continuing to use the services on the internet platform, the player accepts the new terms and conditions.

If a player does not accept the new terms and conditions, further use of the services on the Internet platform is excluded and the operator can terminate the contractual relationship without notice.