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LoilNe AcmgkeNen HarriSblwg, Pa ^ Thursday, Jnli 19, 1877. Democratic Tonnty Ticket. For poor house director, Christian Hcß. from Swaiara. FS, Sounty-Survryor, ThsmaS I. Sawy cr, of Halifax. For district attorney, Georg W. Heck, from Snsquehanna. New ads. The following advertisements appear in today's "Staäts-Zeitiing", which we draw our readers' attention to: Lagcrbicr-Brauerei-zT.F Rothackcr. Pic Nic-Res. Zwingli-Gcmcinde Pic Nie-St. Lanrcntins-Kirche. Bängert Hotel- Adam Bänger. Mourning decisions - Choral society. New Loknl advertisements ic.,, C. To the news. The board of directors of the "Germania Bau- und SparvrrelnS" will in future meet on the first Saturday of each month to discuss necessary business. On behalf. Christian. Giede, Prästdrnt. Conrad Müller, secretary. Harrisbnrg. July 19, 1877. Messrs. ChaS-L. Bailcyk Co. have given the local hospital 8500. — A noble deed. Aartosscl are sold at 50 cents per bundle in Sunburh. They'll be cheaper before long. Ninety-four thousand dollars were paid out last week in Altoona to the workers of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. Gov. Hartranst left here for Calisornia on Monday. A number of personal friends from here and Philadelphia accompanied him. In Eanat near Baldwin, the iodtc body of a man was found on Saturday whose name has not yet been determined. The man was between 45 and 46 years old. The "I.g'ieens Reoorä" has ceased to appear. Lack of "Spondu likS" is supposed to be the cause. — Most people have no idea what it costs, a sheet of paper. Church advertisement. Pastor WT Gerhard von Lancaster will once work in the local Zwingii-Kirchc (North Street) preach. Church service on the next Sunday, morning at 10 o'clock, and in the evening at 6 o'clock. Tf. Henry Kegel of Lancashire, is said to have eaten the hundred breadcrumbs in less than three hours, says a correspondent for the Phila dclphia Tiiucs " . Whether it's true, wis. we don't; but Ivo Bietzen can eat in three hours, not everyone can "Kc stt!", finally caught. - There is a law that forbids fishing within half a mile from the dam in Columbia; but despite your law, the same has often been the case Last Friday, two men who had broken the law, Samuel Rced and Jsaac Kcesy of Columbia, were finally caught by Mr. Bcrrier and Wagner, fish commissioners and police chiefs from here .Rced and Kcesy pledged a guarantee up to the C. Personal.— We were pleased to meet a dear old friend from the "Upper End," (not the upper regions of the world, but from Williamslown, this county) last week, namely, Mr. Fcrd. Arm he bows to greet us in nn scrm sanctuary, where he also paid for his "PSpcr" at the same time, which of course made us very happy. It's been a long time since Mr. Armbrnster was here that we didn't recognize him at first either is one of William Stown's best citizens. We were surprised to receive a visit from Mr. John Shabo von Schamokin, Norihnmberland County, one of our warmest friends. According to Mr. S. us, he is now in the business of Mr. Trommcttcr i the above barn (across from the train station), and had the same set up in the first place.Since Mr. Schabo is a skilled and clothed host, (cr and the son nsrcS were the main waiters and spokesmen for all Strans friends At the elegant silver wedding of Mr. Bierbrauer Marklc), there is no doubt that he also has a significant clientele. We were no less surprised, however, by a visit from three Philadelphia friends en zn received, namely from Messrs. G. F. Roth acker, g Lutz and I. Straßmeier; The former is a solid beer brewer, and the latter two are skilled tailors. We don't know how the stout brewer and the two tailors were able to go on a journey together, but it's astonishing. that the two tailors had no fear of the fat brewer, for the man is so terribly fat that he could swallow alive between two tailors. and even have space for a printer! Yes, in spite of everything, cS are well-behaved and honest men of honor. The Singing Festival in LonUdille. Last week in Louisville, Kentucky, a great singing party was held, with 650 singers and 9 musicians. The "exposition hall", which holds many people, was too small for the large number of visitors. The festival was extremely satisfactory, and yielded enough to cover the costs, Da htuUge P t never. Like Pic Nic der St. Michael Congregation last Thursday, we hope that there will also be as many visitors as Pic Nic dcr Sunday School of the local German Zions (Mr. Pastor Spangcnberg'S) in West-HarriSburg, which takes place today in Hossman's grove. the daughter of St. Michaels) may not be as good as the mother church, but there is a warm spirit of goodwill and zeal which all deserve recognition Hoffman'S woods, and rejoice with the happy hearts that are celebrating the happy children's party there today. As the Sunday school Ple Nic of the Michaelmas parish.— Last Thursday was a true gala day for the sunday speed of the local Germans St. Michael's parish. Already a In the early morning crowds of people with baskets filled with food flocked to the Reading Railway Company station to attend the Pic Nic this Sunday school in Hcilmann's Dale near Lebanon. In the afternoon, too, hikers came, who also wanted to attend the happy festival, and got into the cars. IT required thirteen passover weights to catch all the pleasure guests! The railway company had taken care of everything nicely, and deserved the warmest recognition for it. At the place itself we found an unbelievable number of people, not from Harrisburg, but also from the surrounding area. Right ivenigcr because four preachers are committed to it, namely, Mr. Pastor Pfuhl, the popular preacher of the congregation, Mr. Pastor Spangcnbcrg the worthy preacher of the German Zion congregation here, Mr. Pastor L cmpke of Elisabcthtown, Lancastcr Connty, and Mr. Pastor Drabcrt of Lebanon. Among the rest of the audience there were also many Americans of the better class who like to endorse the Pic Nie s of the Germans, and why? because there is no other people on God's wide earth who can carry themselves so comfortably and peacefully as the Dcntschc. So it happened that with this Pic Nic there was not the slightest disturbance; allcS has fun in the best possible way until departure. The Sunday School, which has 180 pupils, can feel flattered to see such a large number of people sanctified by their picnic, which also gave their fund, although not very strong, a satisfactory level of ulitr support. Between 700 and 800 tickets were sold; the students, however, were free. And still rin Pic Nic. The Sunday school of the German res. Zwingli community has decided to hold a Pic Nic, although the Jostenlnli in Hoffman'SWäldclicn on Monday. Sichc Anzcigc. — More next week. Sin Khromo-Watzcr.— Through Mr. FW Helmick, the resident Mnsik-Vcrlcgcr, we have received a pretty Chromo these days, accompanied by a wonderful piece of music under the title: "Chromo Waltz". IcdcS copy of this excellent piece of music; daS is worth more than the music costs, is made with an elegant chromo. The music is set to E., and is very easy to play on an organ as well as piano. It is especially intended for young beginners send 25 cents to a music dealer, or to FW Hclmick, No. 50, West 4tc Street, Cincinnati Ohio There are men, people who mean it honestly and sincerely! But there are also men in that body who one would almost like to count to the E-race, if one considers their behavior as members of it. They are people who not give a chanterelle for the good of the city, and Whose whole intention is only to milk quite often and a lot on the "city knight" and to eat their fill at the manger. So we noticed a few days ago that no less the four new stairs in the amaltic reservoir (water container) had recently been installed. We don't know who had these stairs made; It is also incomprehensible to us why it was made, since the reason for all the reservoirs for canting is offered! Is there a speculation or a "job," or even a donkey? Well, the man who did the trippcy is now asking for his money, and then on Saturday the Stavtraih was properly charged with a bill for him in his meeting Payment of the stairs submitted! Fortunately, Messrs. Gramm and Schläycr were present at the moment, who protested against Bill. That was right, and we hope that the gentlemen named in their opposition to this bill will continue to beliararr and insist that whoever does the Stairs reserved. They paid for. If it is too much or difficult for the current seeker of the waterworks, like his borrower, to run out along the reservoir as well, he should simply abdicate and not use the town ralh as a monkey fetches the hot potato by the fire, and pays off debts made by him. Hopefully no member of the city of Israel will prank the donkey and pay for work that is not done by him (de m Sladtrath) de. And another pic never - the above note was hardly written when we noticed that the local St. Lau. Rentus parish will hold a Pic Nic in Hoffman's grove next Monday (the 23rd). The Pic Nic is for the good of the new Church and deserves the most liberal support. After all, the good book says: "God loves a happy giver"; and it is certain that what we give for churches and schools is a noble seed that never goes unrewarded, but rather bears a hundredfold fruit Quite a large number of friends of the community can meet at Pic Nic, and thereby lend a helping hand to its good cause. — It should also be noted that trains on the Pennsylvania Railroad leave the station at midnight and at half past two in the afternoon and the trip costs only one cents for adults, and 10 cents for children. Has said goodbye. It is with deep sadness that we, like you, have to lament the death of a faithful wife and mother today. This time it is Fran Charlotte Schnitzer, the popular one Wife of Mr. Charles Schnitzer, at the corner of 24th Siraße and Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia. (The deceased was a sister of Mr. Charles Nicth from here.) She was a faithful wife and good mother, and died in the most beautiful Years of her life by being only 34 years old. She endured her illness with great patience, and when her hour of celebration drew near on the last Sabbath, she slept gently and blissfully, surrounded by her dear husband, a loving mother and czaric children. May she rest gently. Mr. Schnitzer and his grieving family and relatives have our deepest condolences. Sad misfortune. While Messrs. Joseph Gillet and John Schaff-Meister were busy cleaning (cutting off the acstc) the maple (> lnxlo) tree in the courtyard between the apartment of Bishop Shanahan and the cathedral on the last Friday afternoon, and Gillet a Wanted to make rope around the forty-foot tall acst, he slipped on and fell head down against the floor, breaking his neck. As Mr. When the master saw this, he quickly hurried to help, as did Father McBride, who was in the vicinity, but it was too late; Gillet lived for a moment, but shortly afterwards breathed out his ghost. The lucky man was a well-known German citizen and had been doing this business for years — clearing trees, trotting sticks, etc. — and left a large family in needy circumstances. The sad accident aroused great sympathy for him and his family. GcburtStagsestr and Kindtausc. Last Sunday we had a really happy day, if you can call the birthday party and the childrens fun; and why not? It's hours of joy after all. There were Mr. Eh Müller, residing on Indian Avenue, celebrating his 29th birthday, to which he has a nice number of his personal friends. It is easy to imagine that there was no lack of Drcsscl's famous barley juice. Next came Mrs. W.agner, wife of Mr. Daniel Wagner, who celebrated her 47th birthday. Mr. Wagner, who is a practical baker himself and ran this business in earlier years, had the opportunity for his wife to have a pretty sweet or lunette cake, with a beautiful wreath on top, baked, inside it the letters “E. FW 47 "were very nicely attached. Then there was also an interview with Mr. Peter Kchrin West-Harrisburg, who had his youngest child thawed. The solemn act was performed by Mr. Pastor Pfuhl. Mrs. Louise Lücrßcn was baptized. The wife of Mr. Hermann Lücrscn, Ocsfciil certainly notary, and teacher of the English school in Wcst-HarriSbnrg. Mr. and Mrs. Kehr not only provide for excellent food, but also excellent close proximity should not be lacking We don't need to say that guests can also be tasted good. Among those present were Mr. Eon rad Marx, and his wife from Susqnchaiina Township, one of the oldest readers of the "Staatszeitnng." But also little was not lacking, because Hr. Kehr knows very well that the printer (especially the "Stovepipe") should definitely not be missing at a constant and sociable christening or wedding. Well, we wish Mr. Müller and Fran Wagner many more birthday parties, and Mr. Fra Kehr and child are very lucky in their celebration; may parents and children stay safe and happy, and always enjoy the best of luck. A bridge is to be built between the local steelworks and New Cnmberland on the opposite side of the Siisqnchanna, and Although by the Harrisburg and Potomac Railway Company, at the same time a passenger and freight depot is to be built in Cwington near bci.— Such a bridge would be of great use to many of the workers in the steelworks who live on the other side of the Susqnchanna Fire -Last Saturday night there was a crlminst in Ell City that burned 13 buildings and three other buildings had to be torn down to make the wider expanse de to prevent fire. Arsonists had done the same thing. The printer gives presents. We can only be pleased that we have friends everywhere. We experience this every week. Just think about it, dear reader: we were there last week in the company of Messrs. Rothackcr, Lutz, and Strauss mcicr from Philadelphia, Mr. Schabo von Schamokin, and Mr. Schmidt (Schneider) in Mr. John Froehlich's dressing room on Third Street, Wcst-Harrisburg. Here we noticed a pretty summer skirt hanging on the door, which we liked; When we found that it was not expensive, we thought to ourselves: Well, the skirt is really cheap, and would fit perfectly, especially since our skirt looked very shabby. It didn't take long before we had already bought a matching skirt, which we wanted to pay for at once; but see! then Mr. Rothackcr nS in the way, and said: "I'll pay the skirt!" Handed the clerk the money, while we looked astonished. What should you say? Wasn't that a generous act by Mr. Rothackcr? But so is the man; fat and fat as he is, his heart is just as big and good.The amount of the coat is small, but we did not look at it, but at the kindness of our honest friend, to whom we hereby extend our warmest thanks To pay the crown on the matter, we must also note that no fewer than five tailors were present on the above occasion, all of whom were of course very happy with us. A new business opened. As from an advertisement in today's "Staatszeitnng" can be seen, has nn scr old friend, Mr. Adam Bän gert from Willianisport a new establishment in No. 35 Williams Street opened near the Eanal. Mr. B. is just the "right man in the right place," and there is no doubt that he will soon have acquired an important clientele, since he is very well known and popular.We wish him a lot of guests, always plenty of money, and what is better, happiness and satisfaction. Ooö "Wcchsclficbcr (skills anä Dover) defies all medicines and orders of the doctors in many cases. Mr. E. Grotjohn of Pondclton, Marren Co., Mo., gives us the following as a clue for those who are looking for fever: My wife had been subject to the change of the bag for six months and despite many samples we could not find anything that kept the disease broken. By chance I heard from Dr. An gust König 's hamburgers drips and got some bottles of it The Ficbcran cases decreased in a short time of use, until at last they completely disappeared. We shall therefore always recommend this excellent remedy for only five occasions. 7. Executed.— Frank Wilson, the negro who, as is well known, was a rag collector in the early years In the name of Rudy in the upper part of this town he murdered, was hanged all last Wednesday in the Gcfälignisshof, namely in the morning at cttba 20 minutes to 10 am He waited until the last moment, un was guilty, but also accused two other negroes who should have participated in the murder, namely Richard Bordlcy and George McMnllcn. Before his death he seemed to be very clever, and especially to want to "die as a Christian." When he saw the gallows, however, he became quite nervous and excited, and prayed fervently. At the specified time, Schcriff Jnnings drew him the white cap over his head after Dcpuiy-Sheriff Fox had tied his hands and feet and the rope was put around his neck, whereupon, soon the platform on which he was standing fell, and Wilson hung between heaven and earth made only a few movements. Twenty minutes later he was pronounced dead, the body cut off, and given to his relatives for burial. The gallows on which Wilson was hung is the same as the hanging of the two murderers Moody and Rooscnstcin It was used three years ago It is very simple and much more practical than the one on which the Poison Mixer Grinder was hung in Pittsburgh about twelve years ago supported by a strong spring spring, on which there is a starting cisenbral button the size of the button of a stubcitthürc; By vigorously touching this button, the support or crossbar gives way below the platform, causing it to fall, and the hanging on the rope swings back and forth. The hanging of Wilson was done in the quietest bathroom and in a way that praised the sheriff and his assistants. A lady wishes to know What is the latest in Parisian clothes and hats, and the modern way of wearing hair? Millions are spent on artificial borings, only making the fact that emaciation, hypersensitivity, and female weakness exist all the more conspicuous. Dr. Lieros's Dnvo-Iltv I'resoriptivo (Favorite Vcrordniing) is sold with a specific guarantee. If you use them according to An instruction, you don't need to use any artificial forms. She will overcome those diseases peculiar to the female sex, vr. These notebooks are given away by all pharmacists. It. Terrible Misfortune - In Macunzie, nine miles from Allentown, the Lchigh Iran Company's iron mines exploded on Saturday morning, killing three people, five fatally wounded and three seriously injured are. At the time of the explosion there were 26 people at work. The boiler was three and a half feet long and three feet in diameter. and was torn in three pieces. The last year’s harvest. This year’s harvest and wage harvest is almost over in this part of the world. Nobody will argue that it was a highly productive and rich harvest; only a few fields may easily have been here and there not as productive as one would wish, but it is admitted that the size and weight of the achren are nevertheless excellent. We were almost entirely spared from rust, flies and worms. As for oats, which seem to be traveling rapidly, they will outperform the best earlier crops in both quality and quantity. It was cinc mass thatcibcii gcsäet. The wholegrain and the potato also promise a highly productive yield, so that the "grumblers" will certainly have their mouths shut. The tobacco should also stand very splendidly and promise a good harvest. Herbs, beets and garden plants should also look to the viewer While berries of all kinds, as well as fruit, will yield good harvests. — Come on, children of men, and thank the Lord, for His goodness keeps for and for. Thanks to the good, heavenly Vaicr, who has given us this rich earth from whose abundance we all draw; he nourishes millions of creatures, and without Whose will a sparrow falls from our head yet. Give our God the glory. An apostle in arms drowned. In Port Deposit, Md. "(the romantic" swallow's nest ") had been pitched a tent some days ago, in which the" Mnrr cattle "could gather and talk about the stacks. How are you free from there? reports, already had 5 to 600 men, women and children - rags, sweets and tricks of the worst kind, the LioäM nnter zcichiict, which the landlords there are very happy about, since they are now rid of the guys and no longer need to borrow them . The chief of the gang, a certain Harry L. Agncw, suffered a terrible misfortune there last Tuesday, which cost him his death. For he was about to take a bath. In order to be really "smart", he stood on a rock in the Siisqnchanna, and from there jumped into the water. Whether he had consumed too much "bitterness" or whatever was the cause, while submerged he stumbled with his head hard on a stone, injuring his skull so badly that he died shortly afterwards. The citizens of Port Deposit should insist that the Sus qnchaima be removed, since he kills the people as well as the Schnapps if one dives too deeply. Quadruple luck. Unhappiness seldom comes alone, but it doesn’t often happen that happiness comes in vicarious proportions. A man from Hamens John Trantham lives near the Ronndhaii of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. who works in the ice-skating rink. He is a hardworking man, and although not blessed with many worldly goods, he nevertheless possesses a calm, contented conscience, a hopeful spirit, and, as the following shows, a vigorous man. To be brief. Mr. T. has a wife, healthy and man like a Fran can be for me; Just a few days ago she gave birth to her husband four children at once, all healthy boys! The mother is doing quite well under the circumstances, but seemed to be tormented by deep worries. When her husband asked her the cause of her grief, she said she had just thought of the big expenses the four children would cause when she got bigger. "That's true," replied her husband thoughtfully; "but if I knew that at that time the Baltimore One-Prcis Dress Store was still there, then I wouldn't worry, because that store now sells four Snits dresses just as cheaply like the rest of the store a suit. " —The aforementioned store has reduced its price to sell the summer wares, and if someone who reads odigcs needs clothes, go there without hesitation, because now is the right time. The store is in. 10 South MarkctSqnarc. Mailbox. Dravosbnrg. — Mr. Wm. Dörsan. —Thank you — that you always find yourself "with the syringe," we believe, lic der Aller; it is always a male comrade. —Mr. K. owes next month also 52.20. Butler. —Mr. E .Mnlzcr. — You are very welcome — splendid. Thank you very much. Clcarsteld. Mr. W. Endcrs Thank you very much, dear old man. —You are almost 6 months a-liv-ul. —Thanks for the plaster from the brave HanncS. Nat. Soldatcn-Hci mat h. —Hr. Geo. Färber. —Will follow. Philadelphia. —Mr. Geo. B. Hoffmann. Chas. Stop per. — I finished everything, Eharlcy. Allcghcnl) .— Mr. Agent Hoffman. —Hold! There comes a fresh reply. Welcome, Magnus. Altoo a.— Mr. Agent Hausier Thank you for the “laps ". - Friend S. just makes S>. rope ish all; Friend R. costs 82.75 with postage, and friend G. only 50 cents. If we know that seller "Murrvicher" was beaten up, ivcii that is why the De mokralcn want to snap at the victorious opponent, they prove that they are born donkeys. —The rest is worried. Williamsport. — Mr. Adam Ban gerl - We are pleased that you are back in business and hope that you will never miss out on guests or Spondniiks. — Everything is taken care of. Port Deposit, Md. —Mr. Agent Lamm. — We had already read about the accident . —The man "pumped" too hard, otherwise Malhener would have been mfpasfed; Well, the "whistles" no longer. Money box. The following monies were received for the "GtaatS-Zrl tung", which are herewith my thanks to F. Armbrnster, WillianiStown, 52.00 I. Schmidt, (Race St.) Harrisbnrg2.oo Jacob Haller, Thursday 2.00 Paul Welz, Thursday 2.00 MrS- Thursday 2.00 Eugene Walz, Thursday 2.00 Henry Wuth. Thu 4.0 Godly young. Thu 1.50 Mary Wcntzelbcrgcr, th 2.00 Wcndelin Cnderö, Clearficld. 5.00 John Lcbo, MillcrSbur, 1.00 Bal. Kind, Dravosbnrg 2.20 Georg Senn, Altoona, g, 2.00 sEiges.indt.l Altoona de 12. Jnli 1877. Mourning orders. In the meeting held this evening by the Eoncordia Choral Society, the following resolutions were passed concerning the death and memory of our deceased honorary member Georg Huethcr. Since we have fallen in the unscrupulous judgment of the humble father, our honored honorary member Mr. G. Hülhcr of the worries and burdens of earthly life and to call to himself into a better life, so we humbly bow to the house of all-wise Providence, while we hope that his passing, no matter how hard it affects us and his dear family, may be Gitvinn to him. It is therefore decided that through the death of Mr. Huibrr of Irenes and zealous member and his relatives, we have lost a loyal, devoted and loving father. Consoling loss, with the firm confidence that everything that God does, is well done. Resolved, as a sign of the VcrelnShallc, for a period of 3 days with black gauze, that these resolutions should not be accepted. v ^ röffcnNicht, (Anw Schüttelkopf, sr. The committee c Jakob Schandclmaicr. (Gottlob Haußcr. Marktberichte HarriSburg. July 19, 1877. Aepfel-perj Pcck 10-15 EIS. Butt er — per pound, 18-20 “Eie r— per Duhcnd, 10-18 "fat per pound ... 14-15 ~ M ehl-Eitra family. perßl. 58.50-58.50 Best families, pr Bbi 5v.5v-51N.00 Roggcnmrhl, PVbl KK.VO-50 tt Wheat, white, pressed 51.8-5-51.85 rother, K 1.75-51 75 Welichkor, "06-05 EIS oats ... 45-45" rye, "80-80" yen — per ton, Sls.vt) -, 10.00 poultry - chickens, (live) pci pair, 50-51.20 yaqe, per piece, class OO Dried fruit - apples - per quart 10-10 psirsische - per pound, 15-15 "cherries - per quarter, B-lo" Pears — per quart, 12-12 "vegetable herb — per head s — 1Ct potatoes — per tuft 51.00-51.00 Sweet potatoes — per 4 pack, 30-3> 5pcs. Onions, per 1 pack, 50-50“ Latwerge - per quart 15-22 "La raster, 1877. Atpftl, per j Pcck 25-3 Et. Buller, per pfunb 18-2" eggs, per dusscnd t7-13 "lard, per pound 11-13" potatoes, per j Pcc k, 20-22 "ham. per pound 17-20 "grain straw, per bundle, 28- !! "Cabbage, per head, s - i" onions, per 4 pecks 30-40 "Welschkorinnehl, per quart. "... 4—5" oats, 5-55 "hay, per ton,> 514 00 — K18.0 Dr. E. F. Knukel'S Bittcrwcin von Gifen. This elusive tonic has been so thoroughly examined by all classes of society that it is currently considered unconditional as a tonic medicine. You cost! little, purifies the blood and the Peruvian bark. Do you want aö you strengthens? Do you wish a good appetite? Do you want to get nervous? Mollen Habens Wollen S ^ well "üh ° lr ^ Do you want to feel fresh and strong? If you all want to, then use Knickei Bittenswcin von Eisen. I only wish that you try this delicious tonic. Beware of forgeries. Since Knnkel'S Villerwein von Eisen is the only safe and effective remedy in the whole world for weakness, and since your audience will be born with a number of imitations, I would recommend the caution to buy only the real article, fabulous by EF Kunkel, whose Stamp is on the cork of each bottle. The very fact that others try to imitate deep, powerful remedies proves its work and speaks immensely in its favor. Sold only in PI bottles. Available in pharmacies and bci dealers everywhere. Tapeworm Live Removed Head and All Completely in Two Hours Siy, Needle and Stomach Worms Removed by Dr. EZ Kunkel, No. 259 North Ninth Street, Philadelphia for tireulars. For removing all types of worms. go to your drug poison and get a bottle of Kunkel's worm Syruv. Price June 51, 7th, 877-tt. Whom bilious persons need Since indolence of leather is the main cause of their ailments, it is obvious that bilious persons need a juicing agent which causes the leather to act, and which stimulates an effect which then disappears which will result in various symptoms of their disorder. Hostctter's Ma genbiterc fully penetrates in all cases the first result mentioned there; in addition, it removes constipation, gas, soda pears, heals yellow from the skin and the whites of the eyes. Pain in right side and under right shoulder, feeling of disgust. Dizziness and stabbing headache, which bilious patients look particularly good. As a remedy for chronic indulgence, depression, and weakness, bitterness is equally effective and as a means of renewing lost strength or halting premature deterioration, and as a means of breaking down indications. Souut-igS-Schul Pic Nie dcr Res.Ztvwgli-Gcmcinde Monday drn llOsic July, 1877, I Hoffinan's grove. Entry, - - SZ Cent. Weigh go from the church on Nord Straße, morning u 8 o'clock and rach noon at 2 o'clock. The ride is free. Lower the price by five per cent !! during the rest of the season for all summer dresses. Our rule is not to keep any goods from one season to the other, so we have decided to subtract the price by s cents from every dollar worth of goods bought! Baltimore Gin Price Apparel Store, Ro. 10 South Market Square, Harrisburg, Pa. The Borrath autumn and winter clothes are manufactured under our special supervision. It will be the nicest and largest selection ever in the scr city. Family Pic Ric of St. Laurentius Church, Monday, July 1st, 1877, in Hossmann'S wood. (Arrival 25 CeniS. Trains depart from the Pennsylvania station, morning at 9 o'clock, and in the afternoon at half past 2 o'clock. Round trip costs only 15 EentS for adults, and iv EtS. For children. Harrisburg, July 19,1877. Economy -Opening! A licuc Wirthschaft Bangert Hotel, in Willianisport, Rro.Zii William Street, has opened, The hotel is near the Canal, and is at the best for locals. Sunday school Piknik of the Dutch Ev. Luth.Z Zionö parish, Thursday, July 19th, 1877, in Hossman's grove. Entry for men 25 cents, gray and children have free ride in. The road railroad brings the mailers to the grove and back for 26 cents! Children for 15 cents Harrisburg, July 12, 1877.-2nd Great Ball de Gustav Adolph Bund No. 16, BOV 8., Held in honor of the eighth Great Bundcs of Pennsylvania Monday the Lüsten Zu , 1877, in Adam Reynold's Summer Pavillion, Marietta, Pa >, Beginning at 8 o'clock in the evening. — Tickets for 1 Heren and Dam 1! lsentS. FürguteTanz- Musik, excellent food and drinks, is well taken care of. LS "Gittc order is guaranteed. The Eoinmittec. Marietta. July t 2, 1877-2. Ehlers L Hermann, Undertaker, No. 100 Madison Avenue, Meyhen,). Pa, Corpse and funeral. Coffins, the largest selection and cheap, Carriages, hearses, tombs, pile gloves, etc. for the cheapest prices June 14, 1877-11. Rheumatism is cured thoroughly in three times 2) and no payment is required until the cure has been made. To inquire at Lonis Michel , Philadelphia.N-B. — It is written there or Philadelphia, Juri 28,1877.-lj. Schul-Taxes for 1877.A deduction five per cent! is allowed on all school taxes if paid before September 8th, 1877. Daniel Ep Pley, Harrisburg, July 12, 1877, - 8t manhood. Mie chosen and won again. , u w-ninn, the lugrnd with MiMirtch-II i, drr - ^ gr ^ rn, liÄal emMf. xuch ° o., A ^ r, ts .. Stable IB4S Peter HauSmann manufacturer of lager beer - bungs, cranks, hammers, filing hips, dwarf discs, taps, brewers - Spähnc, bungs - drivers .. Kegeln K balls, turner - work . No. 609 North Third Street, 610 Brooks Street Factory, Philadelphia. Laaeitier-Spunden-Geschäst Philadelphia, July 12.1577.-kmo. G. Wenzler'ö Headquarters for Carriage, Landiius.Bug nies. Chaise. n.s.w. in No. 329 ck 331 North Broad Street, Philadelphia. Since the largest warehouse of Kutsche, Chaise, BuggieS,, e. 6 '"den dl undersigned, r. Bkslii large selection dancrhastcr and cheaper have" good quality goods available, repairs of all kinds. Wcnzler. Philadelphia. June S>. 1877.—ij. Submit a request. A practical businessman, with knowledge of double entry bookkeeping and longstanding experience as a tleek and salesman, is looking for a job. The same speaks and cone spondents English and German. The editors can get information about this via, te. Norddeutscher Lloyd, regular steamship service between Bremen and Baltimore, via Soutkampton, by the new iron mail steamships of 2500 to 3200 tons built for this purpose on the river Tlpde . " ~ Pohle. ..vhio, "" Meyer. "Leipzig," "Hoffmann. "Braunschweig." Undlltsch. "Nuremberg," "Hunter. The expedition takes place te follows t From Bremen. From Baltimore. Braunschweig, July-I, "26, -Nuremberg," 18, Aug. 9, "Ohio, August t," 23, "Braunschweig," IS, Sept. 6. .. -Nuremberg. .. 29. .. 2. 'Ohio, Sept. 12, Oct. 4, “And ferutrnin every I days. Only those steamers marked with an * dock in Sonthampon on their voyage from Bremen to Baltimore. These steamers are used to get passengers to London and Passage prices: From Baltimore to Breillen. Soutbamplon, London or Havre r Tajiit Kloo Gold, between deck SA) Tourant. Return tickets Saiiite Gold. Between deck 560.60 Tourant. Tajiite 5170 gold. Between deck, 558.50 Eourant, children between 1 and 10 years pay half. Regarding freight and passage in these ships, which are recommended in every respect, please contact the General Agent - A. Schumacher d Comp. No 5. South Ga, St. Baltimore, Md., F. W. Liemann. 112 Mar, Avenue, Harribrg Po., Attached to PH. C. Ranninger. > Strass, Lancasser, Pa. Miez 2Z, 1877. -lan.2-.77. V-sck