Why should you use terracotta potatoes?

Cleaning terracotta pots properly - it's that easy

Flower pots and planters made of terracotta are among the most popular pots and are a beautiful garden decoration. They are indispensable accessories for the Mediterranean garden design. Nevertheless, many garden owners shy away from buying the clay pots for their plants. Because they are relativesensitive to dirt as well as gray-white limescale and salt deposits.

Especially theEvaporation of irrigation water and rainwater on the top of the flower and plant pots disturbs the optics over time. With our tips and tricks you can clean terracotta pots easier and faster.

Prevent soiling with impregnation

The best prevention of dirt is to use terracotta potsWithto process with a special impregnator from the specialist trade. Do not spray the liquid on, but apply it with a brush - evenly on the inside and outside and immediately after purchasing your terracotta pots.

Alternatively, the vessels can also be used wellImpregnate with linseed oil. The only downside is that you have this treatmentRepeat every year, preferably when repotting have to. This is the only way to display your container plant in a flawless container.

Dirt and limescale deposits on the collar with home remedies

But even if you are one of the impregnators: You still have to clean your flower pots from time to time - not only for visual reasons, but also because bacteria settle there that can damage your potted plants. Home remedies are best for cleaning stubbornly soiled terracotta planters. First step is thatSoaking clay pots in your rain barrel. If that doesn't help, take additional measures.

Put the pots for examplein the boiling water of potatoes for at least an hour and then scrub them well with a stiff brush afterwards. Or rub white areas on the flower pot with the potato peel. The starch has a good cleaning effect.

Vinegar is also a proven helper when cleaning terracotta. Soak the clay pots overnightin a mixture of water with a tenth of the vinegar essence a. The next day, rinse the pot well and let it dry in the sun. Voilà - with a bit of luck, thanks to vinegar water - or alternatively water with citric acid - it will be like new again.

Chemical cleaning agents








You can also get your terracotta clean again with various small items from specialist retailers. It is promisingsimple bathroom cleaner to use. This always contains active ingredients against limescale deposits and is therefore usually very effective. Alternatively also helpLimescale remover and cleaner that you normally use for kitchen appliances.

Buttermilk for the antique look

If it's all about the look and you don't mind a vintage look: get your pots on purposea few "signs of wear and tear". It works quicklywith a water-buttermilk mixture.

Applied to the terracotta pots, it ensures that they have aApply the green topping. This has nothing to do with cleaning, but the "verdigris" or moss covers the dirty or chalky areas and gives the pots more character.

Real Impruneta saves you cleaning

The best solution for dirt-free pots, however, is to spend a little more money buying them. Thereal Impruneta terracotta from Tuscany is insensitive to frostwater resistantand the right choice for an easy-care garden. During the firing process, the pores in the clay close, making the pots impermeable to water.

By the way, you can tell the quality of terracotta pots when you knock them together: If you have real Impruneta terracotta in your hand, you will hear a high-pitched, clinking sound.

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