What really happened to Hopper's daughter Sarah

Stranger Things Theory: Is Hopper's Daughter Sara Still Alive?

The waiting time for the third season "Stranger Things" pass numerous fans with theories about Hawkins, who was once again haunted by mysterious incidents. Now there is even an exciting discussion: Could it be Hopper's daughter Sara still alive and one of Elfi's "sisters"?

Anyone who watched "Stranger Things" Season 2 - like me - in one piece shortly after it was released, now has a big problem: an unbelievable amount of time until the series returns and we are provided with new episodes. It's not only like this for me, but also for most of the fan base. The time until next year, when Hawkins will probably be haunted again by mysterious, dark forces, is therefore passed with theories. One is especially exciting and comes from Ryan Roschke, author of "Popsugar". He suggests that Hopper's daughter Sara may still be alive and even have a connection to Elf.

Sara died in the laboratory, not in the hospital

Sara? She's dead! Right. At least that is what Hopper (David Harbor) and the audience believe. In season 1, a series of flashback scenes gave us an insight into Hopper's life as a family man. Although it has never been officially mentioned and confirmed, his young daughter Sara has to pass away from some form of cancer. In a final scene we see young Sara - now without any hair - in a hospital bed. Or rather: in a bed at the Hawkins Laboratory and not in the official hospital, as "Popsugar" states. There is a comparison of two screenshots as proof. In a photo we see Hopper, who collapses in the stairwell after the death of Sara and breaks into tears. The second photo is from season 2 and shows the same stairwell where Hopper and Elfi hit the injured Dr. Meet Owens.

What do the scientists have to do with it?

So it should be clear that Sara died in the laboratory. Do scientists perhaps have more to do with their death - or better said: "death" - than we have previously assumed? Anyone who can still remember Season 1 will have remembered that the lab made a realistic doll of Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) to convince Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) that her son has died. Could there have been a similar cover-up with Sara and Hopper actually buried a doll?

The theory of a serum

In the 7th episode of "Stranger Things" season 2 we get to know another sister of Elf: Kali, who wears the number 8. It's only a brief encounter, and I suspect we'll find out more of Eleven's possible siblings in one of the next two seasons. Will Sara be among them in the end? Roschke suspects that the children's talent is not in the genes, but that they were selected and that this was how they got their superpowers with a kind of serum like Captain America. Just as Elfi was stolen as a baby, Sara could have been stolen as a possible test subject. "Perhaps Sara was on the verge of death and the doctors 'saved' her by injecting her with this theoretical serum," writes Roschke.

Too many open questions

That sounds very absurd at first, peppered with a lot of "what if", but in the end it is still "Stranger Things". And after just two seasons, we really know that in Hawkins everything is possible. But there are also a few unanswered questions. In contrast to Elfi, who came into the care of the scientists as an infant, Sara was old enough to remember her parents. Why didn't she come back to Hopper after the children escaped and the lab was finally closed? If Sara had been a test subject, there would have been files for it, but neither Hopper nor Dr. Owens know about it.

Elfi's siblings

I continue to believe that Elfi's other nine siblings are in "Stranger Things" Season 3 or Season 4 should be discussed, because Hawkins cannot be haunted by the same monsters every year. The series has to break new ground in order not to repeat itself too much. But a return of Sara would rob the new and special relationship between Hopper and Elf, which was painstakingly built in season 2, of any charm and any specialty. Yes, we want Hopper to be happy, but we definitely want more from Hopper & Elf as a new father-daughter team and unfortunately there is no place for Sara.

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