What are video responses

TikTok - Reply to comments with video

So that TikTok influencers can respond much more authentically to the comments of their followers than simply commenting on them and thus interact and communicate even better with their viewers and at the same time create new content, the social network has introduced the function of responding to comments with a video can.

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Why is?

TikTok is a platform where people can connect and communicate with each other.

Whether with the react, duet or stitch function - TikTok is mainly about users interacting with each other.

Now the platform also enables the “TikTokers” to respond to every comment with a nice video message and to thank the respective user or answer questions in a much more personal way.

What options do you have with it?

  • More interaction
    • If you reply to comments from your viewers, you will automatically start a conversation with them.
    • Since your followers notice that you notice and answer their questions, opinions or comments, they will also ask more questions, which means you will get more comments under your videos.
    • In addition, your subscribers can also exchange ideas and help each other in your comment area, which also ensures more interaction among your videos.
  • More content
    • Since the video in which you reply to a comment is posted on your profile so that it can be seen by all of your followers, you automatically have a new type of content to post every now and then.
    • So if you have no idea what kind of video to film or you want to upload a particularly large number of videos in one day, you can simply use this function and publish a TikTok in which you answer a comment.
  • A stronger bond with your community
    • The more you respond to the comments of your followers, show that the questions and opinions of your viewers are important to you and that you also answer them in the form of a video in which you show yourself and thus personally address the respective person, the stronger The bond with your community is enormous.
    • Your subscribers notice that they are noticed by you, that you really deal with their comments and that you take the time to address them in a video.
    • This way they know that they are more than just part of a large number of subscribers on your profile and will support you even more and follow your videos much more often.

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That's how it's done:

  1. Go to your profile and then click one of yoursTikToks whose comments you want to view.
  2. Click on the right side on the comment function and choose any commentthat you would like to answer.
  3. Tap on this comment.
  4. A window opens in which you can enter your answer Form of a text enter it or use the left video button can record.
  5. Click on the Video button on the left.
  6. Pick up a TikTokby replying to the respective comment. This one will in the top left of your TikTok video faded in.
  7. When you have finished recording, click on. "OK"
  8. You can then use your video, for example with embroidery or filters, as usual to edit.
  9. You can also use the Adjust the size of the commentto pull it bigger or smaller and get it move.

NOTE: If you use the new TikTok feature and respond to a comment with the video reply feature, your video will be like any other TikTok posted on your profile and not sent as a private message!

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If you are already active on TikTok, you can now go into your comments and respond to them with a nice message.

If you haven't created TikToks yet, this great feature would be a good reason to start!

Try it!

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