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Dyes are items that can be used to dye wool, leather armor, dog and cat collars, ceramics, glass, dry concrete and banners.

When dyeing leather armor in particular, there is an even greater number of shades, as the individual colors can be mixed.

Extraction [edit]

Occurrence [edit]

Green dye can be found in village chests.


Dyes can be bought from a traveling dealer, namely 3 dyes for an emerald. Lapis lazuli, cocoa beans, and ink sachets too.

Production [edit]

Some dyes can be lightened with white dye.

Use [edit]

A guide on how to make all the dyes.

Wool [edit]

All dyes can be processed into colored wool together with wool. For this purpose, dye and wool are placed in a crafting field in any arrangement.

Sheep can also be colored directly with the coloring agents (by right-clicking). This gives you 1-3 blocks of colored wool with each shear process. Dyed sheep always regrow wool in this color. If you mate sheep of the same color, the sheep you bred will also be in the same color as the parents. However, if the wool color of the parents is different, the coloring of the young animal results from the mixture of the colors of both parents. For example, if one parent has red wool and the other white wool, then the young animal is colored pink. The exception is the Bedrock edition, here the young animal happens to have the color of one of the two parents, the colors are not mixed.

Leather armor [edit]

Leather armor, combined with 27 different color mixes

In order to dye a leather armor, you have to put it together with a dye in the craft space. The arrangement of the ingredients does not matter. If you reassemble an already dyed leather armor with a dye, you get a different, individual color. In this way, over 4 million different colors of leather armor are possible.[1] If you want to wash off the paint again, you can do this with the help of a kettle. This consumes water from the boiler. When you dye enchanted leather armor, it does not lose the enchantment.


The collar of dogs and cats can be colored. Usually the collar is red. If you right-click on a dog or cat with a dye, the collar will be colored accordingly. In contrast to the leather armor, the collar cannot be washed off. In order to restore the original condition, the collar must be colored red.

Firework Star [edit]

When making a fireworks star, dye can be used to determine the color of the later fireworks. Up to eight colors can be used per firework star. In addition, fading colors can be assigned by adding them to an already finished fireworks star. After the explosion, the color of the fireworks will slowly transition into the color (s) used for it.


Ceramic is colored by placing eight blocks of ceramic around the desired dye. Eight blocks of colored ceramic are obtained in the respective color.


Glass is colored using the same process as ceramics. If you place eight blocks of glass around the desired dye, you get eight blocks of colored glass in the respective color.

Banner pattern [edit]

A wide variety of banner patterns can be created using dyes. To do this, the dye is placed on the workbench in a certain pattern, e.g. B. in an upper or lower strip. Any banner can be placed on a free position. So the pattern is added to this. In this way you can superimpose up to six patterns in different colors.

Shulker chest [edit]

A shulker box is initially purple. You can color them with any dye as often as you like.

Dry concrete

Dye is needed to make dry concrete.

Bed [edit]

With dyes, beds in the craft field can be recolored as often as you like.

Candle [edit]

New with version 1.17: With dyes, candles in the craft field can be colored as often as you like.

Connections [edit]

Bedrock-exclusive: Balloons and glow sticks can be made from compounds combined with dyes.

Shield [edit]

Dyes can be used to change the color of text on a sign. To do this, right-click the respective dye on a sign.

Color IDs [edit]

In most NBT data, the color values ​​are stored with their numeric ID, e.g. B. in colored sheep and colored Shulkern. In the card data, the basic color of banner marks is stored with the ID name.

descriptionIDID namecolour
Light Blue3light_blue
Light green5lime
Light gray8light_gray

Achievements [edit]

symbolsuccessdescriptiontaskPointsCup (PS)
Rainbow collectionCollect wool in all 16 colors.β€”30Gsilver
Trend colorsColor all 4 unique pieces of leather armor in a cauldron.β€”15Gbronze

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