Should I really start using WhatsApp

Apps / software Switching from WhatsApp to Signal - you have to pay attention to this


Because of the new terms of use, many are looking for a WhatsApp alternative. In addition to Threema, Signal is also considered a very secure messenger. In this post we have summarized the most important tricks for switching to WhatsApp for you.

Why switch from WhatsApp to Signal at all?

Signal is considered a very secure messenger. All messages are end-to-end encrypted and no data is stored on Signal's own servers. So your chats are secured as well as possible. In contrast, WhatsApp continues to develop into a data octopus. Since the parent company Facebook bought Messenger, the terms of use have been adjusted again and again. If you do not accept the current version, you can no longer use the messenger. With the last update in particular, WhatsApp wants to access even more data and link it to Facebook. This is intended to improve the user experience. So if privacy is important to you, consider switching the Messenger app.

What do I have to consider when changing?

A major disadvantage is that you cannot simply import your data from WhatsApp into Signal. You need to start new chats. You can save data saved in WhatsApp by means of a backup or a printout. Learn more about printing WhatsApp chats here. However, a change does not usually have any further disadvantages. In addition, switching does not mean that you have to leave WhatsApp immediately. You can leave both messengers on your smartphone and make the switch piece by piece. This may also help you convince your contacts to become Signal users themselves.

Because: What good is a new messenger for you if you have no one to chat with? What speaks in favor of Signal is that the app, unlike Threema, is free.

How do I switch to Signal?

Switching is easy: download Signal. Now you have to log in to Messenger with your phone number and the change has been successful.

You can easily add users using their mobile phone number. If you grant the app access to your mobile phone contacts, you can also invite and add them directly via Messenger.