How to make felt flowers

Make felt flowers yourself - ideas for pretty flowers made of felt wool

Felt is a popular craft material. You are wondering why Felt is versatile and available in many different colors, so there are no limits to your imagination. In these instructions we show how you can make felt flowers yourself.

You can now buy felt in almost every well-stocked craft store. You can find packs of 10 sheets in different colors for less than 5 €. Of course, friendly, light colors that embody spring and summer are best suited for felt flowers. Felt flowers can be used not only as decoration for these seasons, but also as jewelry for hair and head. You can also dig a little deeper into the color palette. In the following we will show you four creative instructions for making felt flowers - from easy to difficult. Have fun trying!


Simple felt flowers

For a felt flower you need:

  • Felt in bright colors
  • Craft template
  • thin felt pen
  • scissors
  • Color matching yarn
  • Matching colored buttons
  • Sewing needle
  • Hot glue gun


Step 1: At the beginning, print out our handicraft template. You will find different flower shapes on it. Decide on a variant and cut it out with the scissors.

Click here: To download the handicraft template

2nd step: Then transfer the stencils to felt and cut out the flowers again.

Tip: You can really go wild in terms of color - but friendly, pastel and bright colors go best with this felt flower.

3rd step: Now the individual flowers are stuck together and glued. Make sure the sides with the pen lines are facing down. Start with the largest flower - glue all the other flowers onto this with a dollop of hot glue.

Note: How many flowers you bring up is entirely up to you. But there should be at least two rows of flowers.

4th step: After the glue has dried, the felt flower is decorated. You can let your creativity run free. Either you sew a matching button in the middle of the flower (this can also be glued on) or you can embroider small seams with thread.

In itself, the felt flower is already finished. Whether as jewelry for the hair, gift tags, window decorations, key rings - this small felt flower cuts a fine figure everywhere!

Make a rose out of felt

For a felt rose you need:

  • red or pink felt
  • thin pen
  • scissors
  • Hot glue gun


Step 1: Use the pen to draw a flower-like shape on the red felt. The petals are very rounded.

Note: when you paint this bloom, keep in mind that the rose will be a few inches smaller later. Accordingly, the painted flower should be made a little larger.

2nd step: Cut out the flower with the scissors.

3rd step: After that, cut a spiral into the petal, from the outside in. Once you have reached the inside, you have to be careful not to cut the spiral.

4th step: Now the felt rose is formed. The side with the pen lines is on the bottom. Start inside: the rose is rolled inside out. Every now and then, apply a small blob of glue to keep the petal in its shape. So roll up the rose piece by piece.

The rose is now ready! This can now be attached anywhere you want.
Would you like to tinker another style and attach the rose to it? To do this, simply wrap a piece of craft wire completely with a green felt strip and glue the ends together. This stem is attached to the rose with hot glue.

Round crinkle flower

For the flower you will need:

  • colorful felt sheets
  • Circle
  • scissors
  • Hot glue gun


Step 1: To start with, think about how big the felt flower should be. You need a circle as a base. We make a flower with a diameter of 5 cm.

2nd step: Draw six circles, each 5 cm in diameter, on the felt pad with the compass.

3rd step: Then cut out the circles with the scissors.

4th step: Now 5 felt circles are folded. Fold these in so that they look like tiny fortune cookies. Attach the folds with two dots of glue, one on the inside and one on the outer fold.

5th step: After that, glue the folded flowers onto the sixth circle. Spread four flowers on the circle and fix them with hot glue. The last flower comes in the middle on top.

The wrinkle flower made of felt is ready! These felt flowers are a real eye-catcher, don't they?

Felt flower with many blossoms

You will need for the felt flower:

  • Felt sheets in the desired color
  • scissors
  • Ruler and pen
  • Circle
  • Hot glue gun


Step 1: For this slightly more elaborate felt flower you will need a little more preparation. The individual elements and flowers must first be cut to size.

You need:

  • a large circle as a base (d = 10 cm)
  • 2 x small circles (XXX)
  • 16 x square (5 cm x 5 cm)
  • 12 x square (4 cm x 4 cm)
  • 8 x square (3 cm x 3 cm)

Draw these elements on felt and cut them all out neatly.

2nd step: Before you can put the felt flower together, the individual flowers must be shaped. The flowers emerge from the squares.

Cut each of the 36 squares into a pentagon. In the picture you can see exactly how.

Then glue the sides of the flower together in the middle with a small blob of glue so that a calyx forms at the top.

3rd step: Now the felt flower is glued together.

Start with the large flowers. These 16 flowers are now evenly distributed around the edge of the large circle so that no gaps can be seen and the flowers do not overlap. Once you have sorted the flowers, glue each one on with hot glue.

Now repeat this with the 12 central flowers. Distribute these staggered in the second row of the flower. They fill in the gaps in the large flowers. Attach these with hot glue as well.

Finally, the 8 small flowers are glued on in the same way.

4th step: There is now a round, free space in the middle. This still has to be filled.

To do this, glue the two smaller circles together with a small glue dot in the middle, the small one on the big one. Then cut the circles around several times with the scissors. The circles are then squeezed together so that the individual rays meet to form a kind of tuft.

Glue this tuft in the middle of the felt flower!


Dry felting with felting wool

You can also design felt flowers yourself in another way - with drying felts. For this, felting wool is used as a raw material and not as a sheet. In this guide you will learn more about: Dry felting