How are you so strong

How are you? - Let's talk honestly about our mental health

When asked how we are, we usually answer with “Good, thank you”. But in reality every third person in Europe is mentally / emotionally not at all well (WHO, 2017). We were looking for people who are ready honest about their mental health and their experience with professional advice to tell. These 4 people lend us their voices to raise awareness of the importance of mental health because #MentalHealthMatters. They talk about the following topics:


Talking honestly about the ups and downs in relationships

“Relationships are beautiful. This decision for each other is a huge gift, but there is also work behind it. "


You get to know each other in a long-term relationship. With all strengths and weaknesses. You discover sides that make you fall in love even more and sometimes peculiarities come out that make you want to get out of your skin. We are often told that we always look happy. So far we have always been happy as a couple. But ups and downs are simply part of being happy. In the best relationship, it can always happen that both of you are stressed, upset, or stubborn and just not feeling well. Sometimes it is good if a neutral person takes a look - as an additional pillar to family, friends and partners. Regardless of whether it concerns the relationship or just yourself. The relationship can only work if both are well.

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Talk honestly about excessive demands and depressive moods

"I started to tell honestly how I was really doing."


"I'm fine doing a lot" - that's the classic. In a healthy mental state you can achieve an incredible amount. Especially if you like to do it. But there are challenging situations that take away the motivation and inspiration for it.
At first I tried to deal with it on my own. When someone asked me how I was doing, I couldn't answer honestly. At first I wanted to get rid of the physical feeling of exhaustion with exercise, but the mental exhaustion remained. I felt more and more isolated and empty inside. For me, that was the point at which I realized: I have to do something. I was fortunate to find a psychotherapist to accompany me. I started to tell honestly how I was really doing.

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Talking honestly about stress and unexpected challenges

"Everyone will face a difficult period in their life."


I'm fine thank you! I have a very demanding job and I have plenty of plans. In principle, temporal stress is not a negative thing for me. But there is also this other stress that comes uncontrollably towards you. These are situations that can be very close. Being busy and being overwhelmed is not the same thing.
Everyone will face a difficult period in the course of their life. In a family situation that was very difficult for me, I tried to be strong and to suppress a lot. However, this does not work in the long term. I had to learn to deal with the feelings and to focus on myself again.
I found a psychologist with whom I got together incredibly well and was able to work on my topics.

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Talk honestly about self-acceptance and burnout prevention

"You get permission to look at yourself and feel how you are doing."


I'm fine thank you! When I'm fine, then I'm happy, balanced, at peace with myself and can laugh carefree. But when the stress gets too much, I feel like it sucks me out. Like when you continue to exhaust an empty lake. This can be very debilitating and then it's time to take a break. If you miss this point, you will find yourself in the full calendar like a corset. With appointments that you can't break out of. I want a professional for these situationsthat helps me to recognize who I actually am, who I want to be and where my limits are. We should do something good for each other much more often.

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The people for the personal stories
The people are not directly related to Instahelp, but have experience with Instahelp or on-site psychological counseling / therapy. They want to use their personal stories to draw attention to the importance of mental health and encourage others to use professional support in challenging situations. For this they lend us their voices.