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Career development with a DBA: Interview with DBA graduate Dr. Christopher Chamberlain

After we had already worked with Dr. Christopher Chamberlain, the first to graduate from Munich Business School and Sheffield Hallam University's DBA program, talked about his DBA journey, today let's take a closer look at how his career has developed after completing the DBA. In addition, Christopher Chamberlain shares important tips and tricks for future DBA candidates.

MBS Insights: Why did you choose the DBA program back then?

Dr. Christopher Chamberlain: Before the DBA, my professional life was divided between consulting and academic work. I had hit a glass ceiling in the academic world and believed that completing a DBA would open up new opportunities for me while helping my development and ability to advise more effectively.

MBS Insights: How did you manage the balancing act between work, family and DBA?

Dr. Christopher Chamberlain: Hmm. Looking back, I'm not 100% sure about that. I remember being very busy and having to compromise a lot. My family is happy that it is over :-). The key for me was managing my time and sticking to it. If I blocked myself three to four hours from researching or writing, that's what I did. Anyone considering a DBA should be fully committed and aware that this is a large personal endeavor that will take a long time to complete.

MBS Insights: How has the DBA program and graduation helped you? How has your career developed after completing the DBA program?

Dr. Christopher Chamberlain: After the DBA, I took on a role as Head of HR at SimScale GmbH and then switched to the role of VP People. The DBA was not a prerequisite for these positions, but for me personally, the insights and experiences from the DBA have greatly improved my knowledge of strategic personnel management, my ability to research and carry out projects in real time, and my personal resilience.

MBS Insights: To whom and why would you recommend the DBA program at Munich Business School? In your opinion, what are the unique selling points?

Dr. Christopher Chamberlain: People with a Masters degree and work experience who want to learn and challenge themselves academically and professionally. You have to be goal-oriented, resilient and prepared for many setbacks. The advantage of the DBA program at Munich Business School compared to other doctoral programs is that you learn in a diverse group, receive support in choosing the research area and have a structured approach to undertake a very demanding journey. I wish you success!