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Maite Kelly: Seven Lives for You (The Gold Edition) on CD

Maite Kelly: Seven Lives for You (The Gold Edition)

Seven Lives for You (The Gold Edition)
CD (Compact Disc)

Conventional CD that can be played with all CD players and computer drives, but also with most SACD or multiplayers.

  • Label:Electrola, 2017
  • Order number:7668808
  • Release date: 25.8.2017

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  • Overall sales rank: 27533
  • Sales rank in CDs: 12019
With »Sieben Leben für dich«, Maite Kelly delivered one of the most successful hit albums of the year last fall. The album is a rousing mixture of danceable titles and great ballads that document the musicality of a unique artist and power woman.

The present Gold Edition of the album, which has been expanded by six titles, is directly linked to this. With completely new songs, such as the wonderful ballad "Liebe ist Liebe", Maite Kelly's typical self-knowledge "I wanted to be strong" or a touching reinterpretation of Udo Jürgen's classic "Show me my place in the sun".

The incredibly soulful, almost dramatic piano version of her hit "Sieben Leben für dich" deserves special mention - Maite Kelly in her element and never before published. Another highlight is the new version of »Herzbeat«, to which Maite invited the band Feuerherz to the studio as a duet partner. A unique and surprising combination. The completely new remix of their second successful single "It was never so nice (Remix by Franz Rapid to be so wrong)", which not only fans will celebrate, completes the gold edition of the album.
  1. 1 Seven lives for you
  2. 2 It's never been so beautiful
  3. 3 If you are looking for love
  4. 4 Love is bigger than life
  5. 5 Heartbeat
  6. 6 Now or never
  7. 7 Touche moi (touch me)
  8. 8 Isla d'amor
  9. 9 That's how love sounds
  10. 10 Love or nothing
  11. 11 Everything is new - everything is different
  12. 12 One to one
  13. 13 We have
  14. 14 Love is love
  15. 15 Show me the place in the sun
  16. 16 Seven Lives for You (Piano Night Version)
  17. 17 Herzbeat (5 hearts in one beat version)
  18. 18 I wanted to be strong at the same time
  19. 19 It's never been so beautiful (to be so wrong Franz Rapid Remix)
  20. 20 Why didn't you say no (album version with intro)