What celebrity families are considered Hollywood dynasties

Celebrity clans

With them, everything you need for a glamorous biz career stays in the family: the big name, a lot of money and good genes. How far you can get it with vitamin C-lan and why the careers of some sons and daughters of famous parents are still ailing is not only shown by the Coppolas.
on November 18, 2010, 1:53 p.m.

Cut! ", Three-year-old Sofia screams from the back seat of the family van. And with this, abruptly ends the parental argument between director-regent Francis Ford Coppola and documentary filmmaker Eleanor. What silences the parents? Not the surprise of Little Sofia's vocabulary. The word of power she had heard her famous father's mouth often enough when she visited him on the set. It is rather pride that leaves them speechless. Even today, the Hollywood masterpiece tells the anecdote with tearful eyes. Because at this moment, so says he realized what his daughter would one day be: successful in the directing business.

In fact, Sofia Coppola is now an award-winning filmmaker. She has often heard sentences like "She was born with talent" or "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree", but also "She only managed it because her name is Coppola." You sociologists and geneticists certainly want that Do not deny success when they say that such idioms are also scientifically true - because children inherit the genes and thus often the talents of their parents. Nevertheless, it does not sound very flattering when the researchers say that many kids tend to use theirs Parents - to get recognition (from them) - to copy.
But because no descendant of large, skilled clans wants to be considered a cheap copy, many have a hard time bearing the burden of the famous family name, which is always greater than their own. That is why those who do not want to make a career as a "scion of ..." are happy to get another: Actor Nicholas Kim Coppola changed his name to Nicolas Cage, for example, in order not to be associated with his uncle Francis Ford. And Author Joe Hill can no longer be identified immediately as the son of crime thriller Stephen King.

But there are also those who see it as a privilege to be "Member of the Clan". "It is not a disadvantage to be a Schnabel," says Vito Schnabel, son of star artist Julian Schnabel. He knows how to use his name to achieve success as an artist and with women. Charlotte Ronson also likes to be part of a family of doers: “It spurs creativity. You have the feeling that you can because the others can too. "

But not all succeed in stepping out of the shadows of their shining ancestors. "Many can hardly match the fame of their parents", writes psychology professor Surabhika Maheshwari in her study Children of Famous Parents. "Even if they achieve a decent success themselves, it always appears like a drastic descent in comparison." Lola Schnabel, for example, paints and takes photos like her daddy Julian. In her early twenties she published a book of her works - under the almost pleading title Remember me. A slow seller. It is anything but easy to find a free branch on a family tree full of role models who have even been stylized as idols for outsiders. The public fascination with clans and dynasties, which are now replacing noble families and delivering stories about money, sex, power and rivalry, does not make the search for one's own identity any easier.

Even Francis Ford Coppola experienced this: power struggles are inevitable even when so many family members are successful in the film biz, he confessed. This is exactly what inspired him to write his last film, Tetro (2009), about a family of Italian descent with competition problems. In it the father proclaims: "There is only one place for one genius per family!" How much Sofia likes to "Cut!" would have screamed ...