How many restaurants are there in Indonesia

What to Eat in Indonesia

Where to eat in Indonesia: Warung, Khaki Lima, chic restaurant ...

In Indonesia the cuisine is simple and, we say, more or less spicy ... The base of a classic meal is rice, but you also eat noodles, soups, meat ... So where can you go during your trip in Eat indonesia? Follow our guide! Let's start with Khaki Lima, a typical little trolley that is pushed through the streets and only sells one dish. The meal costs you a few rupees, often less than a euro! For a little more choice, go to "Warung Makan". This small restaurant often offers a "buffet" of very different traditional dishes that you add to rice. Here again one or two euros is enough! After all, larger cities have plenty of chic Indonesian and overseas restaurants. In Jakarta, for example, it is possible to eat Italian, Japanese, Chinese, German ... Of course the prices are higher, but still reasonable compared to the prices in the west.

Nasi Campur

During your trip, be sure to visit "Nasi Campur" Eat indonesiawhich means "mixed rice". The recipe is simple, rice, mostly white but sometimes red or yellow with vegetables, meat, fish, tempe ... In small quantities and to your liking.

Babi Guling

When staying on the island of Bali in Eat indonesia Best Bali Guling! Roast pork on a spit is a noble dish that is served as an offering to the gods of the island during the great ceremonies and is comparable to our suckling pig. Before it is slaughtered, the animal is sprinkled with holy water. After several hours of cooking, it is accompanied with vegetables, sausage and offal.


In general, the rendang is a beef curry, but you can find the recipe with chicken, duck, mutton, and even vegetables too! Depending on the cooking time, there are different colors and two types, wet or dry. The composition remains the same: coconut milk and a range of spices. A delicious dish to eat in during your vacation Eat indonesia should!


It is this traditional soup that you can often find along the streets in the famous Khaki Lima. And that in the entire Indonesian archipelago! Although its composition varies from island to island, soto consists of broth, meat and vegetables. A delicious one Indonesia food especially after a good surf session.


"Sate" means skewer in Indonesian. These small skewers of meat, often chicken, are common in Java and elsewhere. You will recognize their appetizing aroma as you walk the streets. On the sidewalks or in the restaurant, the sate is served with a divine peanut sauce, more or less spicy.

Mie Goreng / Nasi Goreng

Impossible not to try these two famous dishes! The wok fried (Goreng) noodles (Mie) or Reise (Nasi) are served almost everywhere and fill the travelers! Vegetarian, chicken or with seafood, these preparations are always accompanied by vegetables and an egg, also fried. Order the "special" version and get some shrimp or fish chips. A food that is addicting!


These dumplings from China are very popular. Made from minced meat, flour and egg white, they are served in a broth, accompanied by the sauce of your choice. While the most common recipe is beef, you can find these meatballs with chicken, fish, buffalo, and other varieties.

Gado Gado

A salad, finally! The Gado Gado can combine soybeans, lettuce, cabbage, cucumber but also tomatoes, beans, eggs, tofu, jackfruit and other ingredients. Even carrots! The vegetables are crisp and the salad is covered in a delicious peanut sauce.


Do you have the opportunity to try tumpeng during your vacation in Indonesia? Mostly it is done to celebrate an important event. It comes with a yellow rice cone cooked with turmeric or coconut milk and placed in the center of a tray or plate. This cone, which depicts a sacred mountain, is surrounded by an assortment of meats and vegetables that symbolize the elements of the universe.


These large chips, which are widespread across Asia, are mostly made from shrimp or fish. During your trip to Indonesia you will find that Indonesians consume them as we eat bread, that is, accompany a meal. If they are not already garnishing the edge of your plate, they are certainly available in a small plastic bag at the "Warung Makan" checkout.


You will find tempe everywhere, raw and white in the markets or fried and golden in the warungs. It's high in protein and made from fermented soybeans. It tastes a bit nutty and is prepared in different ways. Tip: try “Tempe manis”, sweet, crispy fried tempe.

Dadar Gulung

When visiting Indonesia, be sure to try the "Dadar Gulung". Even if its green color is a bit off-putting at first, this little pancake is really delicious! Filled with coconut and palm sugar, it gets its characteristic color from the pandanus leaf extract, a tropical plant from the same family as the coconut tree.


Martabak is a type of fried and folded omelette, mostly cooked on the street. The filling can contain vegetables, onions, leeks, garlic and meat ... Sliced, this cake can be accompanied with a curry sauce. The sugared version of Martabak is called "Terang Bulan" in Bali and is garnished with chocolate, peanuts, condensed milk or cheese.

The sauces: Kecap Manis, Sambal, Kecap Asin, peanut sauce ...

Among the sauces that you will find during your stay in Indonesia you will find the peanut sauce mentioned above, among others. It particularly accompanies "Sate" and can be more or less spicy. If you like a challenge, you have to try "sambal", a paste made from very hot chillies. There are more than 300 recipes for this in Indonesia. After all, on most restaurant tables you will find Kecap Manis (sweet) or Asin (salty), a soy sauce that you can add to your dish depending on your preferences and mood ...