What is Lenny Bruce famous for?

There is that one moment when they stand in the doorway, they look at each other, and nothing happens and nobody says anything and nobody laughs. The two standing there in the doorway aren't laughing, Mrs. Maisel and Lenny Bruce, and the viewer doesn't laugh either and may be surprised for a moment; it's like being served an empty plate in a restaurant: what's going on here?

Later, at the end of the season, the viewer then thinks that it's good, somehow, that they didn't get each other, the two funny, charming comedians who are admirable in their humorous calm, because it is a promise made by the scriptwriters. That it continues with Mrs. Maisel and her hysterical gathering of wacky family members, but also because it is a promise not to slip into a clichéd, sighing happy ending.

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NEW YORK Mrs. Maisel, the third: The woman who moves out to New York in the 1950s to conquer the stand-up comedy scene, which her saturated environment on the Upper West Side and the Jewish community for it did not lag behind She has to let herself be, but rather draws in what is allowed to become the basis for the situation comedy of this series, the woman who is apparently fearless or who walks fearlessly or humorously about her own fears is back. Every fan of this series - who manages with a fast, seldom flat, but still gaudy humor to get their fan base in the most diverse audience groups, who otherwise stand between science fiction shows, "true crime" stories and cinematic Series-length films could never agree on a common enthusiasm - make yourself comfortable on the couch with the reassuring knowledge: Now it's going to be fun.

It's the everyday occurrences that make you long for the finals in the far distance, that make you wish Mrs. Maisel would never end her torrent of words.

Midge Maisel (Rachel Brosnahan) left a man in each of the previous two seasons for her passion, humor, longing for the stage and applause; she did it in spite of the societal conservative-moral ostracism charged with family feelings of guilt, she did it not without feeling, that's what we like about her too, she did it against the will of her parents (whose Woody Allen-on-Speed We love outbursts of emotion, anger and reproach, while we are secretly happy not to be the target of these outbursts) and done at the side of her charming, brusque, life-hardened and of course heart-inspired, masculine manager Susie (Alex Borstein). It's back, so you can laugh again, thinks the viewer, makes himself comfortable, rummages in his memory: What did the last season actually end with?

fan And that's maybe the problem this last season: Mrs. Maisel had left her fiancé for the chance to go on tour as a support act for a famous singer, she had made obligatory sleep with her ex-husband, she had made up her mind had grown and with her the characters around her: her children literally, her parents adapted to their milieu, the said ex-husband in the figurative sense, who had dried up under the bushel. Amy Sherman-Palladino actually told this emancipatory, charmingly rebellious story, even if you as a fan didn't want to admit it at all.

Which is why the plot of the third season often bumps and seems intentional: Mrs. Maisel, who discovers that the singer she is performing with is gay, who tries to earn money as an advertising spokeswoman after an interrupted tour, Susie, who develops a gambling addiction , Midge's parents who lose their apartment and are forced to move in with the enervating brother-in-law. You don't want to know anything about it, but you don't want to miss the many little, hilarious moments that happen in between: How Midge's ex-husband and his father bet, which Goy is the first to faint at Brit, or how Susie gets sunburned get. It is these everyday occurrences that make you long for the finale in the far distance, that make you wish Mrs. Maisel would never end her extremely fast rush of talk.

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