Why did Somalia collapse



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Igiaba Scego: Dismatria. and other texts

Nonsolo Verlag, Freiburg 2020
ISBN 9783947767038, cardboard, 100 pages, 14.90 EUR
[…] Translated from the Italian by Ruth Mader-Koltay. Igiaba Scego writes about the longing for home, about uprooting, about breaks in one's own identity and the enrichments that grow from it ...

Nuruddin Farah: In the north of the twilight. novel

Antje Kunstmann Verlag, Munich 2020
ISBN 9783956143526, hardcover, 400 pages, 25.00 EUR
[…] Gacalo and Mugdi live in Oslo, where they led a quiet and largely assimilated life and raised their two children. But after her beloved son Dhaqaneh ...

Nuruddin Farah: That other life. novel

Suhrkamp Verlag, Berlin 2016
ISBN 9783518425299, hardcover, 382 pages, 24.95 EUR
[…] Translated from the English by Susann Urban. When Bella learns of the violent death of her brother Aar in a terrorist attack in Mogadishu, the successful fashion photographer breaks ...

Fridolin Schley: The Unfaces. novel

allitera Verlag, Munich 2016
ISBN 9783869068374, paperback, 100 pages, 14.90 EUR
[…] With illustrations by Thomas Gilke. Somalia, in a small rural village. The Muslim girl Amal has just turned 15. She goes to school, helps the mother ...

Nadifa Mohamed: The Garden of Lost Souls. novel

C.H. Beck Verlag, Munich 2014
ISBN 9783406663130, hardcover, 269 pages, 19.95 EUR
[…] and Filsan, a young soldier who is supposed to help suppress the uprising. In her novel "The Garden of Lost Souls" the British author Nadifa Mohamed tells a story about ...

Yasmina Khadra: Map of Darkness. novel

Ullstein Verlag, Berlin 2013
ISBN 9783550080005, hardcover, 332 pages, 19.99 EUR
[…] Translated from the French by Regina Keil-Sagaw. After the tragic death of his great love, the Frankfurt doctor Kurt Krausmann surrenders to grief. A friend persuades him to ...

Nuruddin Farah: Captured. novel

Suhrkamp Verlag, Berlin 2013
ISBN 9783518423622, hardcover, 463 pages, 26.95 EUR
[…] Translated from the English by Susann Urban. Jebleeh, who has lived in America for years, is returning to his hometown for a visit, accompanied by his son-in-law Malik, a journalist, ...

Nick McDonell: A high price. novel

Berlin Verlag, Berlin 2010
ISBN 9783827009449, hardcover, 304 pages, 22.00 EUR
[…] From the American by Thomas von Gunkel. Teak, a top agent of the CIA, Harvard degree, model athlete, smart, intelligent, independent, is on the way to a little Somali ...

Nuruddin Farah: Networks. novel

Suhrkamp Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2009
ISBN 9783518421031, hardcover, 490 pages, EUR 28.80
[…] From the English by Reinhild and Gunter Böhnke. Cambara, a strong-willed woman, decides to move from her adopted home Toronto to her native land Somalia to return. Your…