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MMA gladiator Adrian Zeitner: My girlfriend is not allowed to sit in the cage

In ancient Rome they were the megastars: gladiators.

Life expectancy low, fame great.

The audience in the Colosseum thirsted for blood. After death. That was more than 2000 years ago.

Today's gladiators appear in cages. MMA. The toughest sport in the world.

Adrian Zeitner (23, 77 kilos) is one of them. Germany's best welterweight. The Octagon has been his second home for five years.

On Saturday, the Mainz man climbs back into the cage. At “We Love MMA 48” from Saarbrücken.

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Last year he became the first welterweight champion of "We Love MMA". His girlfriend suffered from the cage. She prayed that everything would be okay. He won, she beamed. Fear turned into pride.

This time she won't be around. “In my opinion, coaches and training partners belong here. I misjudged that against Stephan at the time. It was a distraction. Fortunately, it didn't cost me the win, ”Adrian told BILD.

The basis for victory: training. Without it, the cage is a dangerous place. Anyone who thinks there is wild beating here is completely wrong.

“I have about twelve martial arts units a week (wrestling, grappling, kickboxing). Otherwise I am a passionate cyclist. Training is the basis - the rest is decided in the head in the cage. "

The gong sounds. Open your eyes and through.

“As soon as the gong sounds, I'm in the tunnel. I go through the techniques. Most of the time, I make up my mind to fight while standing - to do my style. I then look at the opponent's legs and think to myself: They want to be worked on. "

Kicking, boxing, wrestling ... everything is possible to defeat your opponent.

From zero to limit. Every blow can be the last. Fear is always fighting.

“You go into the cage with a man who really wants to hurt you. If you are not afraid, you are doing something wrong. "

The fights are fought according to an extensive set of rules. But can you always rely on the fairness of the opponent? People can tickle, lose control. Even in the cage. Because MMA also means trust. Trust that the opponent will follow the rules.

Every hit taken could mean the end of your career. Nobody asks whether the opponent obeyed the rules or not.

And then what?

Zeitner did not fall on his head. In addition to his MMA career, he has devoted himself to sports science. His bachelor thesis has been submitted and the basis for a future without MMA has been secured.

But if everything goes well, Zeitner wants to stay in the cage for many years to come. This fight on Saturday won't be his last. He is sure that he will go home the winner. “Because I've trained more and harder.” It can be that simple.

And day one after a fight? Lick wounds? Relax? No way, says Zeitner: “Training. The first training session after a win is indescribable. The happiness hormones drive me. Keep going ... until the next opponent comes. "

On Saturday Adrian Zeitner meets the undefeated Poland Thomasz Sobczak - the welterweight title is at stake.

+ BILD will broadcast the entire fight night from Saarbrücken live and exclusively from 7 p.m. +

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