Can we bring world peace through music?

World Peace Day 2020: How We Can Bring World Peace

A Buddhist contribution to the World Day of Peace on September 21, 2020

Vienna (OTS) - This year marks the 75th anniversary of International Day of Peace, which is celebrated worldwide on September 21st. The UN General Assembly has declared this day a day devoted to strengthening ideals of peace by observing 24 hours of nonviolence and a ceasefire.

Non-violence is one of the basic principles in Buddhism. Unfortunately, like peace itself, non-violence cannot be achieved through orders or ordinances. It takes a lot of effort. From a Buddhist perspective, the point is to identify the barriers to non-violence and peace individually. In the next step we can try together to find ways to resolve these obstacles.

Not an easy task as these obstacles are certainly very diverse and complex. Greed, hatred and a wrong view of things are the main obstacles in Buddhism. The development of compassion and wisdom are considered antidotes.

Let us strive together for this and above all, let us remain patient and persevering, because there is no alternative to it if we really want to give meaning to the World Day of Peace!

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