Is there a retirement age for badminton

Winfried Kühnle

Will you introduce yourself Who are you and where are you from

“I am Winfried Kühnle and I am 67 years old. Before I retired, I worked as a fire fighter and paramedic for a works fire brigade for over 30 years. My home and place of birth is Bergkamen-Oberaden. "

What is your honorary position at Special Olympics NRW?

"I'm the badminton coordinator at the Special Olympics North Rhine-Westphalia."

Why Badminton? What's so special?

“I've been playing badminton for over 30 years, been a national referee and have divorced international parabadminton tournaments. For me, badminton is one of the most beautiful sports. "

How long have you been supporting Special Olympics and how did you get into it?

“I was asked at a German badminton championship whether I would like to take part as a referee at regional games in Lower Saxony. I said yes. That was 2017. This was my first acquaintance with SO. "

At which events have you already helped?

"National Games 2018 in Kiel and State Games in Hildesheim, Neuss and Hamm."

What is special about Special Olympics events?

“The opening ceremony and closing ceremony. And that everyone is honored at the award ceremonies and that there are no losers. "

Why do you enjoy supporting Special Olympics events so much?

“Because we are like one big family. It helps everyone, regardless of whether they are athletes, supervisors or officials. "

Which event (s) are you particularly looking forward to?

"Of course I'm looking forward to my annual day tournament in Bergkamen and of course to the next state games."

What special moments have you already experienced at Special Olympics?

“At my first tournament I was allowed to take part in the award ceremony and hand over the medals. When I presented the first place winner with the gold medal, he jumped from the podium and hugged me. An indescribable feeling.

In Neuss I was allowed to take the official's oath.

I got goosebumps in Hamm: When the last award ceremony was over, all the athletes, supervisors and helpers called my name. "

What would you like to give our athletes on the way? What message do you have for her?

“Even if you should lose, don't let your head hang down. In the next game you leave the field as the winner. "