What skills in human resource management should I know

Finding HR managers: they have to be able to do these 5 things

The tasks of an HR manager

The human resources manager (HR manager) not only has to find the perfect candidate for an open position in the company, but also has to take on tasks in personnel development and support and, in some cases, also work on payroll. In order to meet all requirements, a recruiter should be a generalist - several skills are equally in demand.

1. Social competence and knowledge of human nature

Probably the most important qualities of an HR manager are empathy and a feeling for people. In addition to the professional qualifications of an applicant, the HR manager must never lose sight of the interpersonal. These soft skills are not only essential for recruiters, they are also seen as increasingly important by the workforce - so there has to be someone who is able to assess them with potential new employees.

2. Communication skills and negotiating confidence

An HR manager should be confident in job interviews and not be intimidated. The negotiating authority should always rest with the HR manager. It is important to find the balance between listening and asking the right questions at the right time. Even with salary reviews, it is important to enforce your own point of view and to communicate the decision in such a way that the employee can understand it in the best case. Dismissals also fall within the remit of an HR manager. In such cases, instinct and diplomatic skills are required.

The HR manager also has to address serious issues like resignations - not a pleasant task. (© 2017 Shutterstock / ilkercelik)

3. Business and other specialist knowledge

A HR manager must also be able to handle numbers and have an entrepreneurial mindset. A classic business administration degree is only one way to acquire this knowledge. Commercial training or other courses such as business psychology or social sciences with a focus on personnel management also qualify for the HR area. The HR manager should also have knowledge of labor and social law in order to be able to draft contracts. And he should also be knowledgeable about data protection, business education and industrial sociology.

4. Knowledge in personnel marketing

Salary of an HR manager

University graduates earn an average of around 36,000 euros per year, with a range from 30,000 to 42,000 euros. After five years of professional experience, the range for personnel managers increases to 36,000 to 50,000 euros. Experienced HR managers receive an average annual salary of 46,000 euros (39,000 to 60,000).

On the one hand, the aim of personnel marketing is to position one's own company positively vis-à-vis competitors in order to always receive sufficient applications for vacancies and to encourage unsolicited applications. On the other hand, it is about strengthening the corporate culture internally and expanding the loyalty of the existing employees to the company in order to keep fluctuation as low as possible. To achieve this, the HR manager has to create image campaigns, develop internal employee programs or create talent pools.

5. Languages ​​and IT skills

Safe and flawless German is a basic requirement in human resources. Business fluent English is also essential in times of advancing globalization. Even in companies that are more regionally positioned, employees who do not speak German or only speak it to a limited extent apply because it is hardly needed for simple activities or in the IT area. Other foreign languages ​​are an advantage for the HR manager. Knowledge of office software such as Excel, PowerPoint or comparable programs is just as important. This area also includes specific recruiting tools that HR managers should be familiar with.