How do you vote early in Vermont

NDR Info News from 02.02.2016:

US primary campaign: votes are counted

Des Moines: In the first area code in the race for the office of US president, the counting of the votes has started. Iowa is traditionally the first state where Republicans and Democrats determine their top candidates. The series of votes in all states of the USA lasts until the summer. In the polls of the Republicans, the multibillionaire Trump is currently ahead, followed by the Texas Senator Cruz. A duel between former Secretary of State Clinton and independent Senator Sanders from Vermont is looming among the Democrats. The first results are expected this morning. Iowa, in the American Midwest, has little numerical significance for the nomination. A good performance can, however, give the applicants a tailwind for the further election campaign. | 02/02/2016 3:00 am

WHO: Health emergency due to Zika virus

Geneva: The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned of the further spread of the Zika virus. Secretary-General Chan said there is a strong spatial and temporal link between the virus and the occurrence of malformations in unborn children. Therefore, the spread of the pathogen must be stopped urgently. The WHO declared a global health emergency because of the Zika virus yesterday. She estimates that up to four million people could become infected this year. So far, South and Central America have been particularly affected. Zika is transmitted by mosquitoes. According to the WHO, the pathogen is dangerous for pregnant women because their babies can be born with mental disabilities or disorders of the nervous system 02/02/2016 3:00 am

Kabul: de Maizière warns against fleeing to Europe

Kabul: During his visit to Afghanistan, Federal Interior Minister de Maiziere asked the population to stay in the country. Those who go to Europe despite a good education are betraying their homeland, said the CDU politician after a meeting with President Ghani. There are also safe regions in Afghanistan from which one does not have to flee. De Maiziere offered the government in Kabul financial aid to reintegrate rejected asylum seekers. Last year more than 150,000 Afghans came to Germany. | 02/02/2016 3:00 am

Female refugees in Lebanon at risk?

London: The human rights organization Amnesty International has warned of an increased risk of sexual exploitation of female refugees in Lebanon. According to a report by the organization, refugees from Syria lived in precarious conditions and in great poverty in the neighboring country. Discriminatory laws, a lack of international aid funds and an insecure residence status mean that women in particular are at the mercy of landlords, employers and police officers, according to Amnesty. Many female refugees have reported that they were only offered support in return for sexual services. A donor conference for Syria begins the day after tomorrow in London. According to estimates by the United Nations, more than seven billion euros in emergency aid are needed. High-ranking representatives from 70 countries will take part in the conference, including Chancellor Merkel. | 02/02/2016 3:00 am

Counter-terrorism plans by Belgium and France

Brussels: Belgium and France want to strengthen their cooperation in the fight against terrorism. This was agreed by the Prime Ministers of both countries, Michel and Valls, at a meeting in Brussels. Among other things, the cross-border cooperation of the police, the exchange of information between the authorities and measures against radicalization of young Muslims are to be improved. At the European level, Belgium and France want to advance the storage of passenger data. The talks were triggered by the terrorist attacks in Paris last November, in which 130 people were killed. The investigators assume that the acts were planned in Belgium. | 02/02/2016 3:00 am

Dead sperm whales are recovered

Husum: The dead sperm whales discovered on the North Sea coast are to be recovered today. According to the State Office for Coastal Protection in Schleswig-Holstein, the eight young animals were stranded just a few kilometers from the dike at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Koog. Experts suspect that they got lost on their hiking routes. A total of 16 dead sperm whales were discovered in the Wadden Sea and on the North Sea coasts of the Netherlands and Great Britain in January. | 02/02/2016 3:00 am

North west weather

The weather: Lots of rain everywhere. Lowest temperatures of 11 degrees in Cologne, 8 degrees on the Müritz to 6 degrees on the Danish border. Heavy gusts of wind on the coasts. During the day in the north a few showers until mid-morning. Later friendlier. Long lasting rain south of the Mittelland Canal. A maximum of 7 degrees on Rügen, around 10 degrees in Hamburg and Bremen to 12 degrees in Jülich Börde. Heavy gusts of wind possible at the sea. On Wednesday changeable with a lot of precipitation, 2 to 8 degrees. On Thursday inconsistent rainy weather, some snow in the mountains, 4 to 10 degrees. | 02/02/2016 3:00 am